My First Quilt

I thought I’d share my first quilt I ever made. Aren’t we all super proud of our first quilt?–I know that I am. I actually became interested in making quilts after becoming a fabric-a-holic(yes, I admit I am a renowned fabric-a-holic–isn’t that step one?). I actually purchased fabric and had a stash prior to learning how to sew–crazy, huh? So, I really needed a creative outlet for my fabric buying and making quilts seemed like a logical place to start–my mom/grandma and further back than I know were all piecers and quilters so it seemed like a great option. Interestingly enough it was all the sewing that took place as I was growing up that caused me not to want to sew until after I was married and out of the house(I never even took a home ec. class in highschool & turned down my mom’s repeated offers to learn how to sew–and I can be a bit stubborn at times).

So, anyhoo, the fabric buying took over and I decided to learn how to sew and make quilts all in one bunch. This quilt was actually my 3rd sewing attempt–I made a flannel grinch blanket for the hubster as my first sewing project(think 10 yards of fabric, cut in 1/2 twice, seamed up the middle, sewn together and knotted), my 2nd sewing project was a rag time quilt(this may count as a quilt but, it had no quilting or binding) and this stacked coins quilt was my 3rd sewing project and first actual quilt:

I’m pretty proud of it–it even has applique and everything. =) I have since learned that I love, love applique. I also learned that when piecing long strips together, like above, that the pieced strips have a lot of give(translation: you don’t have to take apart the pieced strips and re-piece them if they are not exactly the same length as your non-pieced strips) LOL!!–seriously. Can you tell I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist? But, because of this, I am super happy with the way the quilt turned out even if I gave it a bit more time than neccessary. It’s also hand quilted by my mom(I don’t quilt…blah!..I would much rather piece) which makes it even better. =)

This next quilt is, I believe, my most recent finished quilt–my daughter Chloe’s quilt for her first ever big girl bedroom. I actually have made quite a few quilts since my daughter’s quilt but, they aren’t finished. They all need one thing or another, borders(as discussed in my previous post) binding, quilting and binding, piecing, quilting and binding….and then there are all the quilts itching to be made from fabric that I have been eyeing but haven’t even bought yet. =0)

Chloe’s quilt is made from Dena Designs Picket Fences line of fabric which I just adore–perfect girly goodness. It was a super easy and quick quilt to make and just perfect for her.

So, there you have it, 1st to last in a nutshell, a very big nutshell–must have been a coconut. =)
Back Later!!

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  • Hi Corey ~ They're both wonderful! I love the girly-goodness of Chloe's quilt, and the perfection of the appliqued background of your first quilt. 🙂

    I'm with you, I would much rather piece than quilt. I know, some folks think that's just wrong but I don't worry about them. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your quilts and stories!

  • Glad you overcame your reluctance to quilt because you are a natural… That is one amazing "first" quilt. Applique??? Oh my. It must be in the genes.

    I rather piece too, cuz my quilting can never measure up to what a LAQer can do. They can make a wonky quilt look great. Thanks for sharing…

  • AMAZING! I LOLed when I read that you repeatedly refused to take up the offers from others and learn how to sew/quilt! I too never wanted anything to do with it! (i think my mom laughs behind my back now that i am so into quilting!) I am impressed with the applique on your first quilt and the color choices in your second quilt would make a girls heart sing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Your quilts are gorgeous! And you are so right, that applique just adds the most wonderful element to a quilt. I really need to do more of it!

  • I absolutely think both of your quilts are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  • wow–your first quilt was quite impressive. i browsed through your blog and love your choice of colors–i'm working with Pop Garden right now and trying to think of what to do with Fresh Cut & Farmer's Mkt–thanks for the inspiration!

  • wow- that first one is great!! good for you. mine, not so great. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  • Your quilts are beautiful! I know your daughter will cherish the one you made for her.

    I love that you started quilting as an outlet for your fabric obsession. Sounds familiar…

  • That pink and green is SO pretty!

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