Breast Cancer Awareness Quilts

I am not a huge believer in karma–however, I do think that we can all do our part to help others we may know or not know for that matter.  I guess if we were to always go the extra mile then we wouldn’t have to worry about karma, right?

Anyway, just a tiny way to help–I made two blocks to help with Dana’s call for Breast Cancer Awareness blocks.  There is still time to make and send more blocks before Feb. 15.  You can view the thread here on the Old Red Barn Quilt Along flickr group.  Dana is collecting the blocks and she will be assembling/quilting/finishing the quilts–you go girl!!  What an amazing undertaking.=)  You can also view some of the blocks that have been sent–look for the pink blocks in the pool.

The first block I made, I used a slightly altered version of Hanies tutorial.  I thought it was such a neat and colorful block–I changed it just slightly to allow for the fussy cut center.

And of course we need a ribbon block. =)  You’ll find the instructions for this one here.
Remember, it’s not too late to send in a block or two to help out! =)

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  • Not too shabby little miss! These are beautiful blocks

  • I have been wating (not so patiently at times) for your newest post! I definetly wasn't disapointed! Love your Hanies block!

  • Your blocks are absolutely beautiful.

  • Great space you've got here! I love all the blocks you've shown on this page. I especially love this pink block with the fussy cut center. And your fabric collection looks to die for. I'm working on the organizational thing too. I want to buy some clear boxes to store my projects in, but who has money for that when we could be buying fabric?!?

  • Hello, I love this quilt. I sent this picture to my grandma and asked her if she could make something similar for. I’m deploying to Afghanistan for 9 months and I want to take something sentimental with me. Can you send me the pattern to my email so I can send it to my grandma, I would greatly appreciate it. You can send it to my email, tiaralanz@gmail.com thank you so much.

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