Hip 2 Bee Square Embroidery Block

This was my favorite of the embroidery blocks I made so I kept it for myself for the block I needed to make. I’ve had these April Cornell fabrics laying around for awhile and based my embroidery colors on the colors in the fabrics. I picked up the little pin tucked fabrics locally–I have never used them before when making quilts and I really like the overall effect. It’ll be interesting to see how the other gals use them in their blocks.

The lower right hand corner where the pieced section meets the embroidery block drives me a tad nuts(yeah, yeah, I know–insert all of the short drive comments here). The thought of redoing the block makes me even a bit more nutty. We’ll see if I decide to leave it or not.

I’ll start sharing the other blocks as they start rolling in. So excited! =)

Comments (3)

  • It's very sweet and I really like the pintcuked fabrics. Nice contrast in texture. Ann 🙂

  • Thank you Ann!

  • Oh, that pin tucked fabric is beautiful but the real star of the block is your fantastic embroidery!!! The whole thing is pretty and fresh but still quiet and restful. I love!!

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