Martinique by 3 Sisters

I mean really, aren’t they all lovely looking up there. =) I adore this new line of fabric by 3 Sisters for Moda and lucky me–it isn’t even in stores yet. How am I so lucky to own some of this fab fabric you ask?–Moda Scrap Bags is the answer. What a nifty little invention(if you can call it that) more like clever marketing–cute little bags filled with the leftover strips from Moda’s pre-cuts–a lovely little treasure trove of varying widths of selvage edge fabrics all approx. 36″ long–similiar to a jelly roll except for varying widths and you get the amazing selvages, and have you scoped out Moda’s selvages lately?–totally cute–Martinique has the little color dots in the shape of seashells–totally. cute. I missed out the first round of Moda’s scrap bag earlier in 2009 and had wanted to try some of them but, my LQS didn’t carry them and I was hesitant to order online sight unseen–what if, oh the horror, I ended up with some civil war reprints? LOL–which would not be for me! Imagine my delight when a couple weeks ago, lo and behold, many lovely scrap bags were just waiting to purchase at one of my favorite fabric shops. I picked up two of them and have been making fun little string blocks to turn into a Martinique string quilt.

Check out those selvages–cute, right? I have been paper piecing them and I think it’s a pretty fun method–I’ve done the muslin piecing as well but, opted for pp this time around. I’m using a 1/8″ seam on the selvage pieces so I don’t lose too much of them & this seems to be working out perfectly. The grays, reds & aquas in this line are just amazing and I will definitely be picking up more yardage once it becomes available.

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  • Beautiful, soft and so pretty. The little glimpse of selvedge really makes them. Now that I have seen your blocks, I'm thinking of treating myself to either a jelly roll or layer cake. Ann 🙂

  • Oh Ann, you definitely should! It is even prettier in person. =)

  • Love these fabrics! Can't wait to see your finished product.

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