And another February Bee block

For the Sew New to Me Virtual Quilting Bee Faith had us making Map of the States blocks ala Oh Fransson.  I thought this looked like a cool block when I read Elizabeth’s blog so, I was excited to be able to try it out.  Who knew that freezer paper could be so much fun–a whole lot more fun playing with freezer paper and fabric rather than freezer paper and meat. =)  I have never enjoyed packaging up freezer goods nearly as much LOL! 
One thing I opted to do that helped with keeping the strips in the correct order was leaving the freezer paper on until the whole block was constructed.  The freezer paper did cause a little bit of slipage you had to be careful of but this was really no problem and I really appreciated having all of my strips labeled.  Plus, my 4 year old had a great time removing all of the paper when the block was finished. =)
Of course, it was also great working with all of these fab Amy Butler prints.  I have all of these fabrics but haven’t cut into them yet–they are great fabrics!  Check out more of Faith’s blocks in the flickr group.