I heart Grandma

Both my Mom & my Husband’s Mom helped out at my 4 yr. old’s preschool during January.  Of course Chloe needed a perfect little tee for a Grandma helping out at preschool sort of day.  I hadn’t given much thought to the G’ma tee until about 2 hours before Chloe needed to be at preschool luckily I had a few pieces of fabric on hand LOL. =)  But, then my sis called and asked if I could watch her 20 mo. old for an hour or so–it put a little bit of a dent in my already short morning!  No problem though, mom’s can do anything right?–So, with my 4 yr. old, 15 mo. old and additional 20 mo. old I began my quick little project.  Here’s a picture of the 3 little munchkins last May–what a bunch of goobers!
On another note, do you know how hard it is to get a half decent picture of 3 kids?!?
Elonie is looking pretty worried in this one!
On an even bigger note, can you believe that there is only 6 months difference between my nephew and my youngest daughter?–She’s a little peanut!
Anyhoo–on to the shirt making.  I decided to go with some red & aqua fabrics that I had pulled for the Red/Aqua bee that I am in–used my good buddy Heat & Bond Lite & a little bit of sewing & there you have it.  A perfect little I heart Grandma tee finished just in the nick of time.
Chloe, as well as both Grandma’s, had a great time.  Both Grandma’s(Kitty Grandma & Cookie Grandma as Chloe calls them) even went so far as to say that they would love to help again. =)