In a Pickle

February kicked off the Red & Aqua bee & it was quite a kick-off. =)  This was one of the most time-consuming blocks I think that I have ever made.  The end product is definitely interesting and will make for an eye catching quilt.  The block is Kaffe Fassett’s Pickle Dish block & it is a paper piecing curved piecing nightmare block–fun times. =)  No really, it wasn’t bad–it came together beautifully with just a little bit of patience.  Thank heavens for pins & I did need to use a crapload of them!  And thank heavens that my mom took pity on me a couple months back and bought me some fab pins–who knew pins should be sharper than twigs?!?–LOL!–Nothing like trying to stick a twig thru a piece of fabric.  Thank goodness that problem has been resolved and my arsenal of pins is in good standing.
More pickled blocks here.

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  • Wow, this is impressive! Love your blog – you have so many gorgeous projects and pictures!

  • Awesome!! silk pins wins hands down for quilting and sewing over 🙂

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