Pinwheel Sampler Blocks #1 & #2

I was excited to see that Rachel posted the first block tutorial over on her blog.  My Meadowsweet fabrics have just been itching to be cut into.  For these two blocks I decided to add in some of Amy Butlers Full Moon Polka dots from her Lotus line as well as a fabric from Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market line(the orange print up there).  The other two fabrics are from Sandi’s Meadowsweet line & the cream fabric is Kona Cotton in Snow.

On another note, you can really tell how much I use my cutting mat up there. =)  It is my most used birthday present ever.  So handy, it’s 33″ x 58″–so, I never need to fold my fabric to cut it.  Paired with my 36″ ruler, cutting fabric is a dream.  I use a smaller ruler for small pieces of fabric but, the longer one is perfection for long cuts of fabric.  I heart it. =)  Anyhoo, on to my blocks…

I love the color red so, the first block was right up my alley:

I think the polka dot really compliments the red daisy fabric–love those two together!
And, you really can’t go wrong with orange and turquoise which is what I chose for my second block:
I think I’m off to a pretty good start–looking forward to the next block tutorial!

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  • These look great!

  • So fun to see!!!!

  • Fun! I love brights!

  • These are great! You are fast! (or I'm slow – I'm going to guess both. :)) I'm hoping to get these done before she posts the next blocks, but I'm not sure that is going to happen. I have another project that has a fast approaching deadline so I have to work on that first. 🙂

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