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In January, I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Pillow Swap that takes place over on flickr.  I’d seen some fab pillows the last round so I was very excited to join in on the fun.  And what fun it was!  Everyone is assigned a secret partner to make a pillow for–given a few likes/dislikes as well as an inspiriation mosaic.  And then the fun begins–stalking your partner’s blog, flickr favorites, local hangouts, their backyard…ok, so maybe not the last two. =)  And then finally deciding on the perfect pillow to make.  The pillow that I am making is almost done so I’ll have a post about that before too long.

But, anyhow, yesterday, I received a little bit of sunshine in a box from my partner–plus I had a new mail lady deliver it, not my usual snarky mail lady.  Oh, and about said snarky mail lady, is it normal when a large package is delivered for the mail person to sit out in your driveway and honk the horn for you to come out and get your mail so they don’t have to deliver it to you?  Or, if you have a large package to just park it beside your mail box right by the road in the pouring down rain?  Or to to blast the mail into your mail box with such vigor(she must be very excited about delivering the mail) that it shoots out the back door of your mailbox landing in your yard and there it lays in the pouring down rain(it rains a lot here).  So, needless to say, I was excited that the last 2 days I have had a wonderful mail lady–who actually doesn’t toot her horn and manages to walk to my front door…amazing. 

On to my box of sunshine…a fabulous cathedral window pillow has made it’s way to my home.  Made with Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane fabric no less.  My girlies had to snuggle with it and as soon as I started snapping the pics, Lilli just had to hop up into the photo.

The pillow was made by the lovely Sarah & I truly love it.  Thanks so much Sarah!!

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  • Wow! Lucky duck! That pillow is gorgeous!

  • beautiful – Lilli is quite the poser for pictures 🙂 I'm hoping to participate in the next swap – such beautiful designs!

  • What a gorgeous pillow!

  • Another beautiful pillow!

  • HI!I love this pillow so much – do you sell them? Please message me at littlebitsandthings@gmail.com with any details. Thanks!!

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