Beautiful Blog Award

So, I was recently wonderfully surprised by the lovely Greta with a nomination for a beautiful blogger award.  I am a fairly new blogger so it really made my evening (plus I’m not really that cool–so I was pretty stoked that someone else thought my blog was =0)  There are a couple stipulations to receiving this award which has had me thinking a bit.

To accept this award, I have to do the following:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thank you, Greta!

2. Paste the award on your blog–check just did that————>

3. Link to the person who nominated you.  Linked twice above–once more, Thank you Greta(so, everytime I have typed your name it has come out as “great”…..concidence? =)!

4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself (see below) again, not really that cool so we’ll see how that goes…..

5. Nominate 7 or 8 blogs (see below)

6. Post links to those 7 blogs (see below)
Ok so, let’s see 7 interesting things about myself:
1.  I got married at 19 to my husband of 12 years & that makes me 32 this year(wowzers).
2.  I am a mostly self taught sewer(does anyone else think of plumbing when they see this word?)–never touching a sewing machine until after I was married several years.  My mom is most helpful with the myriad of questions that I throw her way & is the best hand quilter I know–this trait has not been passed onto me nor has the patience it involves. =)
3.  I own every single print of fabric that Heather Bailey has designed. 
4.  I did a lot of acting in highschool in plays/musicals & had a lot of lead roles with this guy, Nate Torrence—does that bump up my coolness factor? LOL:

5.  Music is so mood altering for me a lot of times I prefer not to listen to it–mostly because I almost always start crying–crazy, right?  Classical music is the worst but, really any amazing music will do it–hymns in church, awesome choirs, pianists, vocalists and the list goes on.  I can handle teeny bopper dance music–the kind you cruise around in your car with–you know, the bass cranked up, speakers bottoming out…Lady Gaga-esque(did I just admit to possibly listening to her?)  My husband hates dance music but it makes me happy. 
6.  I love Key Lime pie–yummo.  I have been trying to grow a miniature Key Lime tree for the past 5 years or so–it has about 5 leaves which it loses every couple months and looks like a twig in a pot & then they grow back–might spout an additional leaf boosting the count to 6.  I don’t think it’s more than a foot tall.  If it ever does sprout a key lime I think it will fall over.
7.  I am a reality show junkie.  Yes, I admit it, it’s true.    
And now, I’ve been struggling a bit with the blogs to nominate.  There are so many wonderful blogs. =)  I have decided to nominate the blogs which continually inspire me.
1.  Red Pepper Quilts–Rita consistantly churns out fantastic quilts filled with lots of bright color against a solid backdrop.  I am always amazed at how quickly she finishes quilts and still manages to blog regularly with something new and exciting.
2.  Camille Roskelley–Again, another wonderful color filled blog.  Camille’s photography skills are top notch, her projects are inspiring and her and her mom’s fabric lines are beautiful(I love the little sneak peeks while I am waiting for her next new line).
3.  Heather Bailey–Of course I had to include her!  Wonderful photography skills–great tutorials and beautiful fabrics round out her blog.
4.  Oh Fransson–Another blog that I check far too frequently.  Elizabeth has had some great quilt alongs, tutorials, giveaways & free patterns.  It seems like she always has something up her sleeve.
5.  Jaybird Quilts–Love her stash reports–makes me feel like I am in good company LOL. 
6.  Sophia Aster–I really enjoy a lot of the fabrics Lisa uses in her projects–just beautiful!
7.  Fig Tree Quilts–Another wonderful fabric designer.  I love Joanna’s soft, shabby fabric collections with just the right splash of color.
There are so many more blogs that I read frequently.  I have found so many inspiring quilty fabric ladies with wonderful blogs.  I really need to get my blog list back up over there on my sidebar.  I inadvertantly erased it a few weeks back and haven’t taken the time to re-enter all of them.  But, I will……because they are all amazing.
So, I guess that wraps things up–I had fun sharing a bit about myself. =)  Thanks again Greta the Great! =)

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  • Always enjoy seeing your blog! Had a good laugh at you "sewer". = )

  • Congrats! you do have a very good blog!

  • Congrats! Nate Torrence?!? I just saw "She's Out of My League" and he was so hilarious I almost peed my pants!

  • Wow, thanks for nominating me!!! I'm so flattered!

  • Thank you Corey! That is so sweet of you to think of me. Fun post- I got married at 19 too, but I don't know Nate Torrence. You are way cooler than me. 🙂

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