Fresh Cottons

I took some pictures of these wonderful Fresh Cottons fabrics for another blogger friend and just had to share them here as well.  These fabrics just scream spring to me and are surely another great Fig Tree line of fabric.  I originally picked up a scrap pack of these fabrics a couple months ago and last month I had to pick up another.  I don’t know what it is about those crazy scrap packs but I am always drawn to them.  It might be because they are available before the other pre-cuts & yardage–makes me feel like I have a little secret stash that no one else has yet.  It’s luck of the draw whether my quilt shop will have a particular scrap pack so if it’s a line that I love it just makes my day.  I snapped up some Martinique before precuts were out as well–around Christmas or so–fabulous! =)  Plus, the new selvages are so cute & colorful–the Martinique ones are little sea shells–terribly cute. =)
I don’t know what I am going to be doing with these little beauties.  I’m doing a string quilt with the Martinique ones & haven’t decided what to do with these.  Any ideas?

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  • No ideas for your scrap pack, but those fabrics are so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • Very pretty! I love taking small pieces of fabric and making mini-log cabin blocks with them.

    Jennifer 🙂

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