More Blocks

I finished up a few more blocks for my Sew New To Me VQB.  I got all of the patterns for the blocks from Quilters Cache which if you’ve never checked out, you really need to.  Tons of quilt blocks in all sizes and levels of difficulty.  It can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are looking for a specific type of block.  But, if you just want to browse around for inspiration or if you aren’t looking for some specific, it is a great site.  I was just looking for blocks utilizing squares & triangles and these were some of the blocks that I found. 
And I also received Kerri’s block for my quilt.  It is the same pattern as my last blocks for my pinwheel quilt–such a great pattern. Thanks Kerri!
I still need to add the gray borders and I have one more block yet coming from one of the girls in the group.  Almost there! =) 

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  • Love your colours, looks very cool! Can't wait to see it put together!

  • Oohhh! Such nice blocks. Your colors and fabric choices are so inspiring. Can't wait to see it all together. Oh, and I love the Quilter's Cache. Fabulous site!

  • i'm so glad you got my block!! i was getting worried since i haven't seen it in the group pool. sorry it was a little late.

  • These are very soft, pale colours. I'd love to know what inspired these choices.

  • No problem Kerri–it's a beautiful block. Thank you so much!

    And a good yarn–I had pulled various fabrics for another project(can't think which one) and a few of these fabrics happened to be laying together–so, I pulled some more of these same greens/grays/aquas and really liked them together.

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