Another Hexagon Set

I had a lot of fun making my little pink/green/gray hexagons & I was excited to have the chance to make another fun little set for a wonderful blogger friend. =)  You know who you are blogger friend! =)
For this set, I started with some wonderful Riley Blake tree fabric that I recently acquired.  The colors in this fabric are right up my alley & the trees were the perfect size to fussy cut.  I added in a little stitchy bird:
I had a couple extra 2.5″ pinwheel blocks from my pinwheel sampler that I decided to turn into hexagons.  You can see one of them here in the lower righthand corner & the other in the upper middle of the pic.
I also wanted to try another pieced hexagon and I came up with this little cutie–over there upper left:
And then I added in a bunch of polkas, some more birdies and some more flowers, and a splash of brown.
Hope you like them blogger friend! =)

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  • Lucky blogger friend! Love the idea of pieced hexagons, but not sure I would ever have the patience 🙂

  • Oh what a lucky friend you have! Your hexies are so pretty!

  • Oh please let me be the friend you are talking about! These are amazing. What a great idea to turn those pinwheel minis into hexagons. Now that is a great idea!

  • I love your hexies! The fussy cutting is perfect. The pieced hexies are a perfect touch.

  • Please stop makiing the gorgeous hexies! I want to make some too and I really must finish the projects on my table first. Ann 🙂

  • I'm in love with the pieced hexies!! I must try them, like doing tiny piecing.

  • Your hexies are perfection! Sigh!

  • I love those hexies! I especially like how you used the left-over pinwheels and did another pieced hexie. Sew much fun!

  • I love everything about these!! The colors, the fussy cutting, the pieced hexie, the bird!! Oh my! Really really nice!! : )

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