StashBuster Blocks Popping Up

I am so excited to see my little Stashbuster Block & StashBuster Block #2 showing up over on flickr.  I had fun designing these little blocks and tutorials and I am glad that others enjoy and can use them as well!

I wanted to share a few of the little lovelies that I have come across.
(bellaandmolly for Leanne in the Beatnik Bee)  Leanne is using a couple different blocks in conjuction with the Stashbuster block & I think they look amazing.
(lizziwhizz for the 3×6 Bee)
(jgmehlin for sunflowerquilt in the Buzz Cuts bee)  This is such a striking fun wonky version–love those little strips. =)
I also get to make some more of these fun little blocks for some of the bees that I am in.  How fun is that?!?

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  • Must be exciting to see your blocks made up in different fabrics! I spotted your blocks on the Quilting Bee Blocks blog today. Congrats! (I'm wondering what you'll be up to for the Red and Aqua Bee!)

  • Wow, great blocks. They are all beauties!

  • It is a wonderful block! I'm not surprised at all that it's inspired others.

  • That is so much fun! I love each and every one of them. I'll bet it is really a boost to see your designs popping up all over. Yay!

  • These blocks are all stunning.

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