Embroidery Blocks

I realized that I hadn’t posted a lot about the blocks that I received from Hip 2 Bee Square for my month.  It has been a little while since I received them but a recent project I am working on reminded me to share them.
For my month, I sent everyone an embroidered square to be featured in the center of the block as well as a selection of April Cornell fabrics and some textured solids.  The embroidery squares were all of my own designs–they started out like this:
And became these:
Which turned into these little packets that I sent out:
And turned into all of these lovely blocks that I got back:
Which are now ready to be turned into a lovely quilt.

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  • Just darling!

  • I absolutely LOVE the textured fabrics you use, and the embroidery is so adorable. This will be gorgeous!

  • Wonderful. They are so cute. You have inspired me to draw my own embroideries. They are great.

  • lovely…:)

  • Those are beautiful! That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

  • What a cool idea. It will be a beautiful quilt!

  • What a wonderful concept – those embroidered squares are adorable! I love the texture of some of the fabrics too. Bravo!

  • WOW those blocks are just divine. Its going to be a fantastic quilt.

  • What a super idea for your bee month, I love the designs and the textured fabric!! How fun!

  • These are so pretty! 🙂

  • This is such an amazing project! I am so impressed with your process for developing these gorgeous little blocks. I love the fabric colors you chose to send in the packets too. And the framing on each block is fabulous!!!

  • This is a great idea and the blocks looks fantasic 🙂

  • These have turned out beautifully! What a wonderful quilt they will make. ann…

  • I love this! I can't wait until the finished product!

  • Love love LOVE these!

    My friend is having a baby, so I wanted to make her something that shows how special she is and her new little one will be. Heirloom-y and modern still. I love the mix of handstitching and machined and tidy squares.

    I'm super inspired!


  • These are SO GREAT! I love embroidery combined with quilting! You are amazing!

  • WOW!! I LOVELOVELOVELOVE these!!!!! Your drawings are so sweet. I just love this idea. I can't decide if I like your embroidering more or your color choices. Wow.

    Ok, I am going to stop complimenting you so I can go back and look at them some more.

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