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  • So Cute!!!

  • My son just told me he is interesting in being an "owler." Did you know there was such a thing? He has gotten interested in bird watching and listened to a park ranger presentation on owls and has now become an "owler." It would be fun to make him some owl-related quilt or something…

  • Super cute!

  • Oh cute! :o)

  • that is cute is that fabric??

  • I just love stopping by your blog. You always inspire me. And these little guys are too fun. I think I have an owl fetish. I wonder if I should see someone about it???……

  • Adorable!

  • I love owls :)))

  • Cute fabrics! I haven't seen this collection yet, so thanks for the preview.

  • great fabrics, and great idea.

  • and now i'm a follower!

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