Fresh Mix

I pulled these fabrics yesterday for a fun little project I decided to do.  This is definitely a color palette that I am drawn to.  Hopefully my end result looks as pretty as the beginning. =)

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  • absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Those are beautiful together. And they all look so familiar. Hey, did you sneak into MY stash while I wasn't looking?

  • Very nice collection!

  • it is so pretty! 🙂 Oh I love them.

  • Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make!

  • Very pretty! I'm sure the end result will be beautiful!

    Jennifer 🙂

  • lovely fabrics – i can see some of the ones i have used in a quilt i'm making for my daughter.


  • so pretty.

  • Gorgeous fabrics!

  • I love everyone of those fabrics! Can't wait to see what you are doing!

  • They are gorgeous! ann…

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