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  • perfection.

  • Beautiful!

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • LOVE THIS…….


  • Oh, it's looking fantastic!! I wish I was more comfortable with curves, I would love to do something like this. I think my machine needs adjusting, it just seems so… tight? It's harder to work a curve on my new machine than my old, clunky one… Ah well, this is just gorgeous, can't wait to see more!

  • Wow. That is really beautiful! I love the colors and your work is really precise. Nice job!

    xo -E

  • I'm speechless…

  • That picture took my breath away. It's divine.

  • Looks beautiful! 🙂 Can't wait to see what it looks like finished! 🙂

  • Gorgeous! I wish that were mine – hehehehe!

  • awesome!

  • Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

  • that is beautiful!

  • Quite a success for sure! I'm trying to do a similar color scheme for my Urban Swap partner, but struggling.

    Glad to have found you! I'm from do. Good Stitches 🙂

  • I love this (word less wednesday) quilt design and have seen it around on other blogs. I would like to make one myself but don't know how or what it is called to even google it. Could you send me some info on it?
    Thanks so much! I love looking at your blog and becoming inspired!

    • I would also like to make one..if you have more info please let me know!


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