Christmas in September

So, I’ve been working on my Savvy Seasons swap and I can’t remember the last time I second guessed myself so many times.  It’s gonna make me a little bit batty soon. =)  I’m usually pretty confident about my designs but for some reason this one I’m just not 100% sure on.
I sketched up a little Christmasy mushroom/hedgie/gnome design that I think turned out pretty cute.  But, I am not 100% sold on the shading I decided to do–is it cute or too much?  Sometimes I like it and sometimes I think I should have just opted for the embroidery without the shading.  I kind of think that once it’s done I’ll like it but who knows I may just redo it with no shading.  What do you think?
And then the fabric–I love Bliss and have been waiting on it to come out.  But is it too matchy matchy?–should I mix it up a bit?
See what I mean–it’s just a second guessing party over here! =) 
I think I might just run up to my local stitching shop and match up some embroidery thread to the Bliss fabrics and try another without the shading…What do you think? 

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  • I love it just the way it is! How are you shading? I would like to try it too:)

  • I love it too! Don't change anything!

  • Me, too!! I wouldn't change a thing!

  • I like the shading too!! I also like the colour scheme, it's not too matchy matchy for me but I hear what you're saying!! There again I am a red and aqua kinda lovin girl….

  • I like the shading. Here's a thought, why not mix in your bliss favs w/ the other prints you picked out. They are all fabulous together. Don't 2nd guess, it's looking divine already!

  • From here, the shading looks really cute, and I think will add to the design by giving some depth/contrast. You've got all my favorite bliss prints pulled… the berries, and medallions, and dots are just too cute!

  • I love it all!

  • Its adorable! I'm a sucker for a gnome near a mushroom though. Aqua and red look to be a big part of Christmas color schemes this season, so you're right on top of the game. I think it looks great so far.

  • Can't help you girl cause I didn't even know there WAS such a thing as shading. I'm just sitting here learning….

  • you'll love it when it's done. Did you set the colors? Did you see my post on tinting fabric?


  • lol..i don't know exactly what shading is.. but it looks GREAT.so i wouldn't change it.

  • I love your shading and your fabric selections! If something is bugging you about it, put it away for a day or 2. It will come to you what it is. I like the idea of a gnome too!

  • I love every single thing about it! Bravo!

  • is this pattern available anywhere? I just love it!

  • I caught my breath when I saw this, it’s perfect just the way it is… Love those sweet colours and the shading really makes it special! 🙂

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