Wow!  You guys have way to much confidence in my abilities and are giving me way too much credit!  My internet was down from Friday-Monday–so, I had more than just one day to complete the projects listed down below.  Although, I do like feeling like superwoman. =) 
I can understand how that may have been confusing–as one would expect the internet to be down for only a day–but,no…that was not the case. 
In fact, not internet related at all–but about doing without modern conveniences, one Christmas a few years back, we had no electric for a full week–right over Christmas & my sister and her husband were staying with us for the holidays.  Granted, we had a huge ice storm and some folks were without electric a whole lot longer than we were.  I’m thankful that we didn’t have any kidders at the time–our house was very cold–Ohio winters can be a tad nippy.  My husband and I, my sister and her husband and my other sister(who was living with us at the time) all camped out in the living room–we have a gas fireplace that we could use(minus the fan) which kept us at a roasty 50 degrees or so(as long as we didn’t need to venture from the living room, to say, go to the bathroom or anything).  I do have some funny memories from that Christmas though….I’ve got some great sisters! =)
And a picture–nothing to do with my post:

She’s so cute with her messy face. =)  There is something very “squeezy” about a messy little girlie.  Although if my Mother-in-Law saw her she’d be chasing her down trying to clean her up.

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  • Even in a weekend you still accomplished aLOT. lol I love the messy face….enjoy it they grow up to quick. (Your story of no power reminds me of the blizzard of 93 in ga, we were the same way for a week stuck on mtns of ellijay. (very cold and I now have a almost 17 year old compliments of the cold. 🙂 )

  • I love me some messy faces! I tend to let my babies just go at when serving up spaghetti or ice cream just to get those adorable food filled face pictures!!

  • I couldn't get that much done in a month!

    I love messy faces too! I have a picture of my son (now 21) eating his first Oreo cookie. It's a favorite because of the messy face.

  • What a sweetheart!

    I didn't know you lived in Ohio, me too, in the cleveland area! *waves!* 🙂

  • that face is too sweet. that made me laugh what you said about your MIL… i can totally relate to that.. 🙂

    PS- i'm not too far, i'm in NW PA!

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