A Picture Journal

We had a storm followed by a beautiful rainbow:

Our internet quit working because of the rain–I guess that happens in small towns.  So I made a Stashbuster #2 block:

Followed by 2 blocks for Kelly for the Sew New to Me VQB:


Still a no go on the Internet–decided to make a wonky star for the Scraptastic Bee:
Followed by another:

Then I made another pinwheel block–this one for the A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee:

It goes with the starter block sent to me on the left:

A fabulous package arrived from Hawthorne Threads with some new Anthology fabrics:
And still no Internet, so I made a quilt top:

And made an embroidery block for a super secret project. =)

Amazing what can be done in a short period of time when I don’t need to check out any bloggy/flickr goodness!

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  • Nice work, lady! Same here; amazing what one can accomplish with no Internet or tv. And by the way, I freaking love those stashbuster blocks! Just LOVE!

  • WOW! I can't believe you got that all done in one day. I seriously need more motivation as a person. I love your stashbuster blocks, so creative. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing more inspiration from you soon 🙂

  • You accomplished a lot in one day, that's pretty amazing. Everything you made is so beautiful. YOu are so creative.


  • Wow! MY internet needs to go down!

  • Beautiful! Yes, so much more can get done without technology!

  • All so very awesome! Is that Bliss on the quilt top? Mmmmm, yum. Also love the embroidery block, that is so pretty. All of it, really!

    Please tell me your internet was down for, like, 3 days. This is a rediculous amount of sewing. I am feeling behind…..

    I think you know which one is my favorite 😉

  • Impressive! Fabulous work. 🙂

    how long was your internet down?

  • You got all that done in one day?! WOW! I need to stay off the internet too.

  • Wow! superwoman! Geez – I seem to get distracted way too easily…with or without the internet.

  • I'm impressed! Losing the internet once in awhile is a good thing!

  • That IS amazing! I pat myself on the back when I finish one block.

  • Hooray for rainstorms! I did a babysitter exchange with a friend and got six Dutch pinwheel blocks done in two hours – would normally take me all day to do that with my kids around.
    Seriously love your rainbow pinwheel block and, forgive my ignorance, but I'd really like to know how to make that. Is there a tutorial out there that I'm not finding?

  • Wow…think I need to stay off the computer today…love everything you finished!

  • Would love the instructions for the pinwheel blocks you showed.

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