Saturday Stack O’ Fabric

Does anyone else love mixing and matching fabrics as much as I do? For me it is probably my favorite part of a project. Today–I decided to do a little fall stack of fabric. I started with that wonderful Farmdale blossom print there in the middle and built my stack around it.

From Top to Bottom the fabrics are as follows:

Amy Butler–Lotus, Wallflower in Cherry
Heather Bailey–Fresh Cut, Finery in Mustard
Heather Bailey–Pop Garden, Peonies in Red
Riley Blake–Rainy Days and Mondays, Yellow Rain Polka Dot
Alexander Henry–Farmdale, Blossom in Tomato
Heather Bailey–Fresh Cut, Painted Mums in Olive Green
Anna Marie Horner–Garden Party, Polka Line in Brown
American Jane–Peas & Carrots, Pez ovals in Yellow
Heather Bailey–Fresh Cut, Crest in Brown
Erin Michael–Lush, Painters Palette in Villa

Comments (13)

  • Beautiful from top to bottom!

  • So much fun, mixing and matching. I used to lack flexibility with fabric – they all had to be from the same line. I've finally branched out and I'm a bit addicted. Love your stack.

  • Love mixing and matching. Choosing fabric is the best part of any project –well seeing it al finished is great too!!

  • OH how I need that farmdale.

    Gorgeous stack. Perfect for fall. 🙂

  • I love mixing and matching. I haven't got too big a stash so I tend to mix and match most in scrappy projects where I have more choice.

  • Love it! Very fall. Makes me want to go make a stack. ;0p

  • Pretty pretty pretty. I'm not very good at mixing yet.

  • that's one my most favorite parts about quilting. I call it fabric auditioning.

  • Perfect selection, very autumnal but warm and sweet, like cinnamon! 🙂

  • Great Stack. Love autumn!

  • Love the stack of fabrics. Sometimes I love the process and other times it drives me nuts!

  • I have nearly every single one of those fabrics in my stash….Yikes!

  • Beautiful! That stack could be a decoration in my sewing room!!!

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