Bee Hexed In Block

I finished up the hexagon block that I had started on for Bee Hexed In.  The colors that Brioni chose were blues/greens & she asked for a white background.  This is the mosaic Brioni shared with us to help define her color scheme.
The hexagons are a lot of fun to make albeit a tiny bit time consuming.  The finished product is going to be so pretty!  For anyone interested in making their own Bee Hexed In blocks–the instructions can be found in the first issue of Fat Quarterly.  Be sure to pop on over to the group and see some of the other wonderful blocks!

Comments (6)

  • What a terrific hexagon block, I love it. I agree that they are time consuming, but they look wonderful when finished.

  • That is just beautiful…love the colors…love the hexagons. VERY nice!

  • Gorgeous! I like the strip of color between the gray a lot too!

  • I love the way the central hexagons are framed with the gray. Such a cool block!

  • Looks great! Love the colours. Lucky Brioni

  • Gorgeous block! I'm in such a blue and green mood lately. Your hexagons are so pretty.

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