Christmas Swap Partners

Yay–I am so excited for this swap!
Just a reminder–this is what we will be swapping:
ο»Ώ~Delicious Chocolate/Sweets

~A Heartfelt Handmade Item (just something small)
~Selection of Fabric Bits
~An Unexected Surprise
~A Christmas Card
I wish that I was able to swap with each and every one of you!  I have such great readers of my blog!! =)  The 3 randomly drawn swapees are:
Crafty Maine Mom said…

This sounds like fun. I love bright white accented with pastels. pink, yellow, and green are my favorites but I have been enjoying using orange lately. A surprise under the tree would be fun. As a stay at home mom I tend to buy all the gifts including my own.

Jessica Christensen said…

I do think that sounds fun! I love all your stuff! I like bright colors with white, but I also like all the muted Fig Tree and Three Sisters color palettes as well. (I LOVE Fig Tree.) Truly, I think the only color I’m not fond of is purple. I do love simple stitchery and embroidery, and I love anything with caramel in it. I would love to swap with you if I am not too late.

Angela said…

I would love to swap with you! I think we enjoy very similar styles of sewing and fabric, and I think it would be so much fun. Also, I think we live pretty close to each other (I’m in PA) Pick me. πŸ™‚

And, I just had to add:
Whitney said…

what fun!! LOVE your blog! I work at Country Craft Cupboard and saw you a few weeks ago – so fun to see what you make with your stash! I’d love to be a part of this swap! I’ve never done one before but would love to try it out! My Favorite color is robin’s egg blue and my decor also includes olive green, warm creams and deep reds. I’d describe my style as casual cottage – picket fence, ironstone china, wood floors, farmhouse sink….. that’s me! I have 2 boys (2 years & 5 months) so they keep me hopping but I love to create when I have a few minutes to spare! Thanks for the chance to be a part of the swap! What a great idea! πŸ™‚

So, I will be swapping with all 4 of you!  I can’t wait to create little goodies for each of you!  You have all given me some great inspiration to work with.  I’ll be sending out an email to each of you shortly. =)
And, now for all you other gals.  I am pairing up everyone who replied to my last post.  Contact info. should be available via your partners link in the comments section or their original comment in the first Christmas Swap post.  Please contact your partner for mailing info. & for any additional information you may need from them.  We will be mailing out our packages the first week of December & remember…no peeking until Christmas morning!
Nadine C & sewfunbymonique
Tracey & spencers
Cris A & Heather
Elsa & Kristine Hanson
Stephanie C sends to Kori, Kori sends to Beth, Beth sends to Stephanie C
Each of you is paired with the person right below/above your name in the comments on the last post–except for the last group–which has 3 ladies since we had an odd number of comments.  If you have any trouble contacting your partner or any other questions please let me know! =)
Have fun!!

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  • YAY~!!!!! I am SO excited!! Thanks a heap for adding me! πŸ™‚ Now we need to know about what you like!

  • How fun! Thanks for pairing up the rest of us πŸ™‚ My wheels are already turning!

  • Yayyyy! I am very excited and looking forward to your email. This is going to be so fun.

  • already have ideas … just need to know what colors Heather likes … thanks for pairing us up!

  • Wish I had time to play, but I will be living vicariously through you!!! (It will be fun to watch!!)

  • Yeah, I am so excited for this swap. It should be a great time! The best place to contact me is as kwelbes@mchsi.com. Can't wait to get started!

  • Did I miss a chance for a bonus swap? Sorry! If there are any other stragglers, looking for a partner…let me know! I would love a surprise under the tree, like Crafty Maine Mom I usually am the one buying (including my own).

  • Dang I missed this, would love to join like Kristie, if not too late.

  • Hi there! My partner to send to for the swap is Beth – I can't seem to locate any contact info for her. Beth if you are out there can you email you contact info a kwelbes@mchsi.com? Thanks so much!

  • oh I'm sorry to have missed out on this! πŸ™
    maybe next year! enjoy girls!

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