Christmas Swap Update

Woohoo!–Thanks everyone for wanting to participate in this fun swap.  =)  I’ll be randomly choosing my “swapees” soon. 
It was mentioned that since I won’t be able to swap with everyone that the remaining people might like to be paired up to swap.  If there is enough interest, I’ll be glad to pair up anyone wishing to participate. =)  Just comment here & let me know if you’d prefer a blind swap or if you’d like to know who your partner is. =)

Comments (13)

  • I'd be happy to swap with anyone, and don't care if it's blind or if I know who.

  • I'm fine either way. 🙂

  • I love the idea of this swap and would be happy to swap with anyone!

  • I would love to swap with one other person. I would like to be able to know something about them like blog info or favorite colors.

    Thank you for taking the time to make this happen.


  • I'd love swapping with another person! Thanks for the opportunity to participate 🙂

  • It wouldnt matter to me if it was a blind swap or not either!

  • I would love to participate! I did not comment yesterday, but I think knowing who my partner is would be helpful.

  • I'd love to participate with a swap! I, too, would like to know who my partner is and what they would like, what colors they like … things like that.

  • I would still love to swap, blind would be fun but either way I am fine!

  • I'd love to swap. Knowing who your partner is might make it easier to tailor it to then, but I'd do it either way.

  • I would also love to swap – either blind swap or knowing who my partner is is totally fine with me. Thanks so much for helping get this started!

  • I too would love to participate in this swap. Either way is fine with me, but it may be more fun to something about colors and style preferences too.

  • I commented on the other message that I would love to be in this swap please. I would like to know who my partner is so I get an idea what sort of things they like. Thanks!

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