Lemondrops and Gumdrops

Last week I started up a new group over on flickr, Fabulous Fabric Stacks.  It’s a place to share all of your lovely stacks of fabric & also a great place to see fun fabric combos.  Amy had the wonderful idea to have weekly themes & see what we could all come up with.  For example, this week I got to come up with the theme–“Lemondrops & Gumdrops” was what I came up with (inspired by my good friend Barney LOL).  The stack above is my take on the theme–pez, ribbon candy, gundrops & of course where’s there is candy there are probably bugs…=)
If you haven’t joined this group already–pop on over and take a peek.  There are some very drool worthy stacks of fabric goodness to be seen. =)

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  • what a cool idea for a flickr group! It's like window shopping for fabric. Great theme for this week too. Makes me want to go to the candy store to look for new pez dispensers!

  • Yummy stack! i fear if I look it will tempt me to spend even more money on fabric!

  • I joined the other night, but I need to start playing. I love this idea of making stacks on theme and then NOT having to sew it. Shows we are a little (LOT) fabric crazy, eh?

  • What a great idea of a flickr group! I'm off to check it out.

    Your fabric stack is a gorgeous one….love the addition of the bugs.

  • Super delicious fabrics, love the theme idea, too!!

  • Okay, this flickr group is such fun. Y'all should join it. First of all, it was a great idea just to play with stacks of fabric. But the theme idea makes it fabulous!

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