Stinky Cheese & What I Have Learned

First off, does anyone else automatically think of this book when you hear “stinky cheese”–“run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the stinky cheese man”–it’s a terribly cute book if you’ve never had the opportunity to read it. =)
Yes, stinky cheese….who knew that would find a place in a quilting blog…!  I was starting the embroidery on this block:
Which incidentally is for Tami in the Scraptastic Bee.  She sent the green spiderweb fabric(which has glow in the dark eyes…and did you know that when you iron glow in the dark fabric it glows?…imagine my surprise as I was ironing away and the fabric started glowing…very interesting) and asked for 12.5″ Halloween blocks of any design.  There were some cute embroidery patterns in my latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting that I wanted to use so I decided to use the pattern The Wishing Ring 2.  It had the perfect sized square in the center to embroider within.  So I finished the block and was ready to embroider.  Now, you may be wondering when we are getting to the stinky cheese part….well, that part is right now.  As I went to my little embroidery box(it’s a little fishing lure box I think) & opened the lid…I noticed quite an interesting smell…quite rank really.  Smelled a bit like someone dumped some milk in there and closed the lid for a few weeks…quite yucky.  Everything looked ok but obviously, something was amiss.  I started polking around a bit, and there, way down in the corner underneath some embroidery floss were two small cubes of very green cheese.  Can you imagine?!?  Let me tell you embroidery floss and cheese do not mix…at least not after more than a couple days.  I can only think that one of my two girlies–probably that silly littlest one…decided she had found the perfect spot for the two pieces of cheese she didn’t want to eat right then and wanted to save for later.
Now, don’t worry Tami—the black embroidery floss was on the other side of the box and not stinky at all–trust me, I gave it a good sniff… =) 
So, #1 lesson learned…cheese belongs in the fridge.  Lesson #2…did you all notice that the block up there has inset seams?  Yay me!  You may also have noticed that my Savvy seasons block had mitred corners as well.  My mom taught me how to do them just two weeks ago–I had always been a bit intimidated by mitred corners and preferred not to make them.  But, no problem! =)  I think this will be a helpful skill to have under my belt.
So, remember cheese + pasta=good, cheese + embroidery floss=bad. =)

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  • cute block!

    and cute post too. šŸ˜‰

  • Love that block! I didn't even know they made glow in the dark fabric, that's so cool that it glows when you iron it.

  • Yikes – stinky cheese! Love the block!

  • I have some black and white fabric which is basically just eyes and glasses and it glows in the dark. When my son graduated from optometry school, I put it in his graduation quilt.

    Anyway, this fabric is too cute and the block is great!

  • I totally love that post!
    The glow in the dark eyes are ace and so is the embroidery work, well the whole piece is ace.
    Go girl!

  • Yay you indeed! Those mitered seams look fantastic. And such a great lesson about cheese. šŸ™‚

  • Is it too late to become part of the Christmas swap?

  • I found your blog tonight…I too love fabric…The Stinky Cheese Man though brings back such good memories of my twin boys when they were little…we read that story every night for a long time…the best part was "hey, what's that funky smell?" they would say that and laugh and laugh…thank you for a good laugh tonight…they are now 14 and getting ready for finals tomorrow! Lisa in Texas

  • I just started following you too and was going back to read all of your posts. A man from our community would come about once a month to read at preschool story time at the library. Stinky Cheese Man was his favorite book. We came to love it as well. Thanks ‘Uncle Phil’ for introducing us to the Stinky Cheese!

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