Joyful Pillow

Talk about an epic fail at blogging every day in November! =)  My girlies have been under the weather–colds/coughs and good old pink eye….blah!  Chloe was friendly enough to share that last one with me which was a true joy–and then she was kind enough to tell me:  “Mom you shouldn’t let anyone see you, you look horrible!”  You gotta love 5 year olds! ha!  It finally hit me just today that perhaps Chloe has allergies and not a chronic cold since starting Kindergarten.  I just assumed she was picking up colds since starting school–but, it is fall and allergy season is in full swing & my hubby has suffered from allergies for years….so, now I’m wondering if Chloe might have them as well….hmmmm…time will tell. =)
I’ve been wanting to share more pics of my last wordless Wednesday post–that little pillow up there is the completed project.  I can’t take credit for the pattern–it is from this book–I enjoyed making up this pillow–it went together quite quickly.
The pieces were all fused to the white background using heat n bond lite and then I used a blanket stitch around them all.  The polka dot border was also fused to the background—it’s not pieced into the white.  I thought this was a little bit ingenious as it eliminates seams in the interior of the pillow.
I used a mix of Katie Jump Rope, Flea Market Fancy, Peas & Carrots, Far Far Away, Flora & Fauna, & Lotus fabrics.  I love how bright and cheerful they are all together.  I also enjoyed the flange on the pillow–I hadn’t made a pillow using this technique before and it was super easy. =)
P.S.  Hop on over to Quilting Bee Blocks, I was asked to do this weeks “Pick 5 Monday” & you can check out my picks. =)

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  • Oh, I LOVE this pillow!!! I might have to go order that book right now! And I have a Chloe too….I always get a little excited when someone else does too…(-:

  • Love the pillow. Don't you love when your children pass on their sickies. My family all went through Chicken pox last year and they shared. Apparently the vaccine slowed theirs down but didn't stop it.

  • Super cute pillow!!! I love the honesty of the little ones!

  • Darling pillow. I like the fabrics you used to create it.

  • cute pillow!!! lovely craftsmanship!

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