Photo Shoot Gone Awry


I had high hopes for taking some fun outdoor pictures of this quilt today–however, the gray skys, extreme wind and 3 foot snowdrift right beside my clothesline have thwarted my efforts. =)  I did get a lot of this:

And quite a bit of this:

And even more:

I also got frozen fingers, snow in my socks(from the 3 foot snowdrift) and snow tracked inside.  However, I did get to play a bit with my new camera lens from the hubster which was quite fun.  I guess I should add the borders onto this quilt and try again on a sunnier, warmer, less windy day. =)

On another note, I am so glad that you guys are finding your way over here! =)

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  • It’s a beautiful quilt. What kind of border will you make?

  • Beautiful quilt! Better luck next time, though you are quite brave to venture out into the snow. Can’t wait to start the birdie BOM! Got my floss tonight.

  • We have wind ALL the time here in KS it seems like. Not even a dreary day can dull those fun bright colors though. So beautiful! What is that block called? It kind of looks like a tulip. Thanks for braving the snow so you could share!

  • It’s lovely, wind or no wind! Can’t wait to see the finish!

  • Love the quilt top and I love the new look of your site. Can’t wait to see more of this quilt on a less windy day 🙂

  • Love the quilt! And the new site! I still can’t quite figure out the whole Blogger thing….so you have certainly impressed me!

  • This quilt is on my to-do list, I have colected many of my favorite fabrics in a strip pile!! Now I just need to finish all the others that I have started first!! LOL!

  • snow in you socks? that sounds a little fun!
    love the photos of the quilt, so fresh and spring like!
    keep warm!

  • Ooh…I like this! What’s the name of that block? It’s super cute.

    BTW, lurve the new website. Good job!

  • it still looks pretty!

    I hope you had fun thawing out inside! 🙂

  • It may be winter, but your quilt looks like spring! Very pretty.

  • The colors in this quilt just make me soooo happy!

  • Love the flimsy ‘au natural’ !!! The wind takes nothing away from it…looks fantastic…well done!
    Can’t wait to see the border you choose.
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  • It is beautiful no matter which way it is blowing.

  • I love the simple design of it, it’s just gorgeous!

  • I just LOVE this quilt and the block. I have been searching on my own to try to find this quilt block, but I can’t find it or how to make it. *sob!*
    Would you mind sharing the name of the block/where you found it/anything? Thank you so so much!

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