PIllow Talk Swap Pillow Finished

I finished up my partner’s pillow last evening and what a fun pillow it was to work on!  I had a great partner with a lot of fun inspiration–I thoroughly enjoyed snooping around a bit and getting a feel for my partners likes.  I went with a red and aqua theme and decided to employ some more stitchy applique–I think this technique always turns out so cute.
I decided that I wanted to do several mini scenes–I had initially planned on doing one larger scene but I just wasn’t happy with how everything was coming together.  I then decided to add a connective element to the mini scenes–hence, the deer and kite as well as the addition of the birds to the banner scene and the mushroom house. 
I’ve also been digging dandelions right now so I decided to add one.  The fabric that I mentioned I was waiting on in a previous post was a pink/red dandelion fabric that I thought would be totally fab as the pillow back–however, it still hasn’t shown up–more fabric for my stash I guess. =)

And, I thought my little deer needed a little friend so I added in a raccoon.  I hand quilted the top using red, aqua and a touch of red.  As I mentioned earlier this was my first attempt at hand quilting and I found it quite enjoyable.  I don’t picture myself ever sitting down to hand quilt old school style (you know, perfect little teeny stitches in a coordinating thread so as not to be too bold) but, this kind of hand quilting I can do & I like the way it looks–a fun splash of color.
This pillow will soon be winging it’s way to a new home.  I hope you like it partner! =)

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  • This is SO adorable! You are very creative. I am truly impressed by everything that you pulled together in this pillow. I love it!

  • Your partner should be doing the happy dance. What cuteness you creative…..SeW adorable!! She is a very lucky lady. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • OMG I LOVE that hand stitching.

  • Completely Adorable! You have a lucky partner for sure.

  • Wow, that is amazing! I love it! How did you sew on the circles? Are they raw edge applique or are they pieced? I'm inspired!!!!!

  • This is gorgeous!!

  • This is so adorable!!

  • wow!! that is absolutely the cutest pillow EVER!! i sure hope it is winging its way to me!!

  • The way that you connecting the scenes is perfect. It so looks like you planned it all along. So fun! Lovely stitching too. I'm doing hand-stitching on a Christmas pillow this week. Enjoyable, yes.

  • Perfect designs, looking at the themes I think I could predict who it is going to!

  • Oh that is so fabulous & unique!

  • This pillow is so fantastic. I'm sure we'll be seeing it in lost of mosaics for the next PTS round! 🙂

  • That is so cute. I love it. Your swap partner will be so happy with it.

  • So very awesome. Love the little animals and all that stitching!

  • That is so stinkin' cute. Those are sooo my colors! Too bad I didn't participate in the swap, lol.

    Excellent work!

  • That's a wonderful pillow! Lucky, lucky swap partner!

  • Your swap partner is going to be thrilled! You pillow is so creative and cute!

  • gorgeous! What a beautiful work of art! 🙂

  • that is one cool pillow, love the mushroom on it too! great job!

  • Your pillow is amazing! I love the little vignettes and the hand stitched lines. Very curious about how you did those circles.

  • You have created the most wonderful pillow! You have one lucky swap partner!

  • That is really, really gorgeous. I am so envious of your partner! What a great job.

  • That is amazing. I would frame it and never let anyone squish it with their back. And the binding is just perfect. Well done!

  • What an adorable work of art! How could anyone not like it!!!

  • It is absolutely gorgeous, what a very lucky swap partner.

  • AMAZING!!!

  • At first glance I thought it was just the pattern on the fabric. What an amazing job! Very cool!

  • stunning!

  • your pillow suits your partner to a T! It is gorgeous!

  • your partner will be very happy! it's so cleverly done!

  • holey crap THAT is good!! fantastic!


  • Wow, what a cool pillow! I adore the sketchy stitching, especially for those adorable shapes like the deer and mushrooms. You have a very lucky partner to receive this treasure!

  • I love your pillow. It is awesome!

  • So pretty! You squeezed alot of awesomeness into one pillow. 🙂

  • The applique and hand quilting are completely charming. Nice job.

  • so so adorable! great job!

  • I love your pillow. You are so creative. Love the colors you chose. Great job! Wish I were your swap partner.

  • This is the cutest ever!! xx

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