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A Fun Little Block

Quilter’s Journey Bee Block for Krista

 Thanks so much everyone for all of your well wishes and lovely comments in regard to my silly little girlie!  I loved Marcia’s dolly idea–I did just make her a stuffed seahorse (she’s into seahorses lately) which may just have to stay in her bed.  And, Regina who mentioned that she may be getting molars—thank you!  I think you hit the nail on the head.  I knew she had her top molars in–they came in several months ago–I figured the bottom ones were also in but guess what….they aren’t—I am sure that is what was causing her trouble.  We’ve now had several nights and afternoons of good sleep and everyone is in much better spirits. =)

I wanted to share this fun little block that I made this morning:

It’s just a modified Drunkard’s Path block…I thought it turned out pretty cute.  A whole quilt of these little guys would be pretty nifty, no?

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  • that’s just lovely!!!

  • It looks fab! Good idea! 😀

  • a whole quilt would be awesome! it’s beautiful. 🙂

  • Not only is it lovely, it makes me think spring just might cone after all. I’d love to see a whole quilt.

  • Gorgeous block! That would make an incredible quilt!

  • Those fabrics are amazing together! Do you have a secret? I did Drunkard’s Path in summer. I just about pulled my hair out…

  • I really love those fabrics, very fresh looking against the white.

  • OH, that is way cute! Hugs…

  • LOVE the colours together, so cute. Glad to hear your little precious girl is doing better, nice to have found your blog, Catherine x

  • Hello Miss Shaby! I go to see the new block of Birdie Quilt! I’m very impatient!

  • Love this block, really fun, bright and cheery.

    Have a super great day.

  • I love this block – your piecing is so perfect.

  • I LOVE this block! Did you applique? or piece??? I’m wondering if it is something I could do? Did you follow a tutorial?

  • LOVE this one, SO MUCH!!

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