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I know that many of you have seen this pillow but I have decided to join in on the Blogger’s Pillow Party over on Rachel’s blog.  If you remember I made this pillow for Kerri as part of The Pillow Talk Swap.  In this swap we are all assigned secret partners and given a list of likes/dislikes as well as an inspiration mosaic of their favorites.  This was the inspiration mosaic that I made for my partner:

And this was the mosaic that Kerri made for me:

 I noticed right away that Kerri had 3 different things I had made in her mosaic:  The 2nd picture from the left in both the first and second row and the last picture on the right in the 3rd row.  Since she didn’t know that I was her partner I was hoping that was a good sign that she liked my style & that I would be able to make something for her she would really like.  Kerri mentioned that she liked woodland animals and red/aqua–so, I started sleuthing around a little bit.  I came across some of her Etsy favorites and saw she had a number of cute little hooped applique/embroideries–so I had the idea to incorporate a whole bunch of them into one pillow.

I started with this little deer–you may notice he bears a striking resemblance to Kerri’s blog header (the idea for him came from her header). =)  I decided to add a little kite and turn that into a 2nd little applique.

Anyone who follows Kerri’s blog at all knows that she is a huge bunting/banner fan–so I knew right away that I wanted to do a banner for one of the little appliques.  I liked the idea of adding a bit more movement hence the little birdies outside the embroidery.  And that raccoon up there fits right into the woodland theme I was going for (plus he turned out cuter than some of my other woodland critter sketches–I had a whole bunch of deformed little critters going on for awhile). =)

I also knew right away that I wanted to add in a cute little mushroom house.  I originally had a hedgehog aside the house but the proportions just weren’t working for me so in the end I changed Mr. Hedgie into a clothesline–which gave me the opportunity to add in another bird.  The dandelion over there on the left was something I wanted to try–I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but I like the way it turned out.

I decided to add the hand quilting (pick stitching, chickie stitching, long stitching–are just a couple names I have recently heard this type of quilting called).  It’s something I had wanted to try and fits right into my like of embroidery–a nice little evening project after the kidders are in bed.

So, there you have it–a little bit more detailed explanation of what went into planning this pillow.  It was such a fun pillow to make!  Here is a picture that Kerri shared of all of her pillows received during the 4 rounds of Pillow Talk Swap:

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  • WOW! OK, I think we’ve just seen the winning pillow in this competition. That is absolutely AMAZING!

  • I’m glad you entered this one. So special!

  • I love all the thought that went into it, how you researched your intended audience so well! Like I said before, I really don’t know how you parted with it, although I know your swap partner would have been super happy.

  • Now this is one awesome pillow….i want one …..better get off here and get crackin’ ….love it…hoping to join the next swap if i am accepted….fingers crossed for me..hee hee….lovely day

  • these pillow swaps are so fun to see. I love the variety people come up with. I also love how personalized everyone is making their swap.

  • I KNOW we have seen the winning pillow! I have this in a mosaic for the DQS10! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • This pillow is really beautiful, I love it!!

  • I love this pillow, it’s in my favorites too! It’s creative, beautiful, and full of inspiration. I’ve enjoyed the back story of how it came to be. So expertly crafted.

  • I just love you’re pillow. Been watching it more than once today, just because it looks like a peek of heaven.

  • I fell in love with that pillow! You are awesome lady!

  • I agree with all the other comments…it is a beautifully contemporary cushion wonderfully crafted and well chosen fabric combinations!

  • Wow, that’s a great story and example how people can be creative. I wish I had that gift! The pillow looks incredible and if I had that hard task to choose the best one I’d pick yours. Amazing!

  • OMG the detail in that pillow is amazing, I love it and I hope to try doing something like that one day.
    Maybe I will start off a bit bigger scale though!!!!

  • This pillow is DARLING! It has amazing detail. So cute!

  • This is officially my favorite pillow ever. Completely inspiring. So glad you shared it in the pillow party!

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  • Wow. That is a VERY cute pillow.

  • oh my goodness! i LOVE this pillow – found via sew mama sew! the mini scenes are insanely cute & that little bunting is way.too.much!

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