Color Cards!

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10 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Corey!
    Do you have a place that you buy the Finca perle cotton from? I have some, too but don’t have a place online to find it. Thanks!
    🙂 Jessica

  2. gale says:

    Gorgeous! I have the Kaufman one but haven’t found a Moda one (in the US).

  3. I should have googled the Bella solids color card. I so want one of those. Off to check…

  4. Jo says:

    I am a bit in love with my (smaller) colour card collection too, and I’ve more than once been tempted to put them up on the wall to admire! I think it stems from a childhood love of those paint swatch cards (the nice ones, with real paint on) that were always hanging around our house (my mother was big on interiors).

  5. traceyjay says:

    those are awesome. 🙂

    I need the Bella solids color card for sure (I hear they’re coming out with new colors soon! I like their fabric better than the kona, but it doesn’t have all the colors we need). 🙂

  6. Nancy says:

    I was surprised to hear that DMC no longer puts thread samples in their color cards. I haven’t purchased one for a while but I got the original large one and then as new colors were added they just added a small card, also with thread samples in them. I really thought the newer color card I looked at just a couple of weeks ago at the local Joann’s had the threads in it so now I’m curious. I’ll have to check it next time I’m in there.

  7. Cathy A says:

    I would think shop owners would be happy to special order the color cards for people, if they aren’t listed in the shop. I know I would do it.

  8. Angela says:

    Oh I definitely need a bella solids color card! But I guess I’ll wait until they come out with a new one!

  9. Joyce says:

    Fun seeing all the color cards. I have an older DMC one and it is made with all floss. I use it quite a bit, but of course it doesn’t have newer colors added in the last few years. Great blog!

  10. Jenniffier says:

    Can I ask where you got your moda color card? I can find kona color cards but I am having trouble tracking down the moda one.