Color Cards!

How many color cards does a girl need?  I guess in my case, at least for the time being, I “need” four of them.  They are so handy to have–especially if you need to match something that you can’t see in person.  I use my Kona color card and my Bella Solids color card most often.

Kona Cotton Color Card
Bella Solids Color Card

 This is my DMC color card:

DMC Color Card

 I’m not sure that I would purchase this one again.  While I find it somewhat helpful, the colors are scanned swatches rather than actual floss–it’s a bit difficult to get a great idea of the color.  I do find it nice having the different size options available for each color but I don’t think this is a good enough reason to purchase the card.

And lastly my Finca Perle color card:

Perle Color Card

 I’m pretty pumped about this color card–it just came in the mail today and unlike the DMC color card this one has actual strands of thread—so much more helpful!  I see it getting a lot of use. =)

For those of you interested in purchasing any of these color cards–you can usually find them online from time to time.  In my experience, color cards are pretty popular and sell out quickly so if you find one you would like to purchase, hit submit right away.  I checked and none of the sources I used to purchase my cards had any in stock.  I did score my Bella solids card thru one of my local quilt shops–so if you are in the market for a color card and not having any success tracking one down ask at your LQS. =)

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  • Hi Corey!
    Do you have a place that you buy the Finca perle cotton from? I have some, too but don’t have a place online to find it. Thanks!
    🙂 Jessica

  • Gorgeous! I have the Kaufman one but haven’t found a Moda one (in the US).

  • I should have googled the Bella solids color card. I so want one of those. Off to check…

  • I am a bit in love with my (smaller) colour card collection too, and I’ve more than once been tempted to put them up on the wall to admire! I think it stems from a childhood love of those paint swatch cards (the nice ones, with real paint on) that were always hanging around our house (my mother was big on interiors).

  • those are awesome. 🙂

    I need the Bella solids color card for sure (I hear they’re coming out with new colors soon! I like their fabric better than the kona, but it doesn’t have all the colors we need). 🙂

  • I was surprised to hear that DMC no longer puts thread samples in their color cards. I haven’t purchased one for a while but I got the original large one and then as new colors were added they just added a small card, also with thread samples in them. I really thought the newer color card I looked at just a couple of weeks ago at the local Joann’s had the threads in it so now I’m curious. I’ll have to check it next time I’m in there.

  • I would think shop owners would be happy to special order the color cards for people, if they aren’t listed in the shop. I know I would do it.

  • Oh I definitely need a bella solids color card! But I guess I’ll wait until they come out with a new one!

  • Fun seeing all the color cards. I have an older DMC one and it is made with all floss. I use it quite a bit, but of course it doesn’t have newer colors added in the last few years. Great blog!

  • Can I ask where you got your moda color card? I can find kona color cards but I am having trouble tracking down the moda one.

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