Quilting Bees

Out of Whack

Not me, this one:

Blondie Fondie

 I must need to work on my patience because I have been getting a lot of practice using it lately.  My little Elonie has become very mommyish lately which is fine (appreciated, even) however, it seems to be due, in part, to her deciding sleep is a no go these days–both at night and during her naps.  Yikes!–it is making for a tired mommy and a whiny Elonie.  I don’t have a lot of projects to share with you right now…my days have been spent holding my little girl and watching Barney or Fireman Sam…I could sing you a mean “Mr. Sun” though.

I did finish up a couple blocks earlier in the month for various bees:

do. Good Stitches Bee
A Quilting Journey Bee
Bee Hexed In

Hopefully my little girlie gets things ironed out soon! =)

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  • This calls for a very cute, very cuddly dolly that she can ONLY have when she is in bed. When she is NOT in bed, no dolly. If she truly loves the dolly, she will be in bed. And… tadaaa sleep will follow.

  • Oh my goodness is your little girl adorable! Love Marcia’s idea above.

    Love all your blocks, but especially the bee hexed in! So cool.

  • Boy is she a cutie though!!! And i like that tip above. I may have try that for my own little one!

  • I love your blocks, but I love love love your hexie block. It looks great.

  • ah, she is a cutie pie! she will get through this little stage, i promise!

    lots of great blocks here today!

  • Poor little cutie pie. Is she getting her molars? My kids have the worst time sleeping while teething.

  • She is just too cute, enjoy the snuggle time!

  • Those bee blocks are amazing! The hexagon one is stunning. And your girl is so adorable!

  • Wow shes a cutie! I had a son who only slept about 15 minutes during the day and only half a night!…can you say cranky? It will pass though, I promise:)

  • I love the hexagon block!

  • “Blondie Fondi” is adorable and looks as though she could give you a run for your money 🙂

  • I remember the days. My son turned out to be a night person. Me? a morning one. It was a tough go for a lot of years. He’s still a night person, I’m still a morning one.
    Love all the blocks, especially the V.I.B.ees love the use of the gray. I’ve been wanting to do something with gray, thanks for the inspiration!

  • gorgeous blocks.

    What big beautiful eyes she has!

  • I remember the good old days of watching the movie Cars three times a day with my youngest daughter. I loved every minute of it, even if everyone else in the house was tired of it! I hope you get some time to sew!

  • Oh, bless her heart. She is such a beauty!!! I remember both my daughters and both of the grandsons we raised all got the same way when they had the larger back teeth coming in. With my first daughter it took me a bit to figure out what was going on but after I did, I understood why she was so restless. What a relief it was when those pesky teeth finally poked through for good. Occasionally they would have a bad couple of nights for reasons unknown, but not too often. I truly hope your little one is back to normal days and nights soon, along with her mom. Hugs…

  • Oh I just love this VIBees block! Is there going to be a pattern for them all or how could I get involved in this bee? I love the block!

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