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  • *sigh* Beautiful….

  • hmmm…the perle cotton looks yummy. did you order it online? if so, could you please share your source?? thanks!

  • I am just starting to use perle cotton but I want to know where do you get your fabulous colors. because joanns and hobby lobby only have boring colors. like black, white maybe red
    thanks julie

  • Love them… I will be using pearl cotton #8 Finca/Presencia in very similar colors!

  • Beautiful Sunkissed and beautifull Perle Coton! What will you do with these materials? This is for Birdie Quilt?

  • perfect matches!

  • I decided to use DMC Pearl cotton #8 instead of floss. Was lucky enough to have a shop here in Eugene that carries a large selection of pearl cotton but if you don’t have one in your town try Nordic Needle at One thing to know, DMC pearl cotton is not made in all the same colors as the floss. I had to go one shade lighter/darker when I picked out mine.

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