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I finished up Megan’s block for Bee Hexed In–I ended up adding in a couple yellow/orange colors.  I think it might be my favorite of the four I have already made but when I see them all together I think they are all pretty rockin’. =)

Bee Hexed In Blocks--October, November, January, February

 I finished up the cutting on the Single Girl quilt I am working on for the quilt along.  I am making the twin size so I had to cut 31 pieces for each of 12 rings.  I was glad that I didn’t check to see exactly how many rings I needed prior to beginning the cutting–had, I known/remembered that I needed 12 I may not have started. =)  My DVR was all ready with lots of reality tv shows recorded (you know I’m a reality TV junkie) so the time went quickly.  My two year old, Elonie, also helped me choose the fabric order along with big sis Chloe, that was also entertaining. =p

I thought I would take a minute and share some of my favorite Birdie Stitches blocks that have popped up in the flickr group recently.

1. LMS _ Embroidery BOM – Blocks 1 & 2, 2. love birds block 2 finished, 3. Birdie Stitches February BOM, 4. birdie stitches bom2 closeup, 5. DSC_0593, 6. Birdie Block #1 Jan, 7. 100_2817, 8. birdie stitches b o m, 9. Little Miss Shabby Block 2

Aren’t they totally cute?  You can join in on the BOM any time you’d like.  New blocks are posted the 1st of every month & you’ll find all the info. that you need over in my side bar under Birdie Stitches. =)

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  • And here it is almost the first of another month and I haven’t even gotten to start yet. I will though. Eventually.

  • I just love all the “Bee Hexed In” blocks I see on the different blogs but cannot find a way to join the group. When I click on the links posted, I am taken only to the Flickr group showing more beautiful blocks. Can someone give me the link to becoming a member? thanks.

    • “Bee Hexed In” is a 12 member quilting bee–we are currently full. If you are interested in the pattern–you can find it in the first issue of Fat Quarterly which is available at http://www.fatquarterly.com. =)

  • I just love all the Bee Hexed In blocks!! I had to buy the first issue of Fat Quarterly the other day when I realized the pattern was in there! Hexagons look a little intimidating, so a small project like this will be perfect to try them. 🙂

  • The Hexed blocks are amazing!!! Holy smokes, I have to make some! 😀

  • Corey, I’m so in love with my block! Thanks dear!

  • Love the hexagons. I may have to do some one of these days. It’s a great stash buster, too.

  • Love the brown hexie block the best!

  • I think that this newest one is my favorite too. The colors are just quite special.

  • Thanks for including me in your favorites!

  • It was very exciting to see my block here. I appreciate you including me!! I am totally loving the embroideries. Thanks for sharing these too!!

  • What a great birdie stitches!

    I hope to start mine in about a couple of weeks, first I have to finish a flowergarden and bring birth to my second ;o)

    Truly lóve the brown Bee-Hexed In block (Januari?)!

  • Yes! I have joined my sister and mom in the BOM! Looking forward to those lil birdies next appearances! These projects are so inspiring.

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