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Joseph’s Coat Pillow Finished

Thanks to the Blogger’s Pillow Party I have a finished Joseph’s Coat Pillow.  It was just the push that I needed to finish this pillow.  You’ll remember that I started off with these fabrics:

I chose fabrics from my stash that looked great with the pillows that I have received so far from the Pillow Talk Swap–they are the other three in the above photo.  And then, the fabrics were turned into this:

And finally, months later….a finished pillow.  The pillows finished at 24″x24″–and it is machine appliqued using a blanket stitch.  I machine quilted the pillow top in a spiral pattern and finished it off with an envelope enclosure and aqua dot binding.

I love how cute it looks with my other pillows! =)

Speaking of cute…how about this furry little ruffian:

This is Lilli’s normal napping spot about 75% of the day–unless I’ve got some nice warm fresh out of the dryer laundry–then the clothes basket trumps the couch. =)

If you’d like to check out the Blogger’s Pillow Party & maybe join in yourself just pop on over!

Blogger's Pillow Party

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  • Oh my, your pillow is just so lovely.

  • Your pictures are beautiful and inspirational! So inspirational I have to ask…what is the green color on the walls. I have been trying to find the perfect color for my bedroom and that is it! Thanks!

  • Looks gorgeous. Such lovely fabrics and colours.

  • great pillows – the ones you received and the lovely one you made. Cute dog too! happy stitching

  • Corey, this is such a beautiful pillow!! I love the fabrics you chose, too. The binding is simply perfect. Oh, and the quilting…love that spiral!! And Lilli is very smart. Warm laundry would win for me, too!! 🙂

  • I *love* your pillows!! What a cheery sofa to come home to!

  • I love your puppy! Didn’t even notice her in the first couple photos ! How cute! And the pillows are fantastic as well, what a lovely collection 🙂

  • lovely pillow! i’ve been wanting to try that pattern for some time. my little guy (a westie named louie) sleep in the same spot on top of the sofa! i guess little dogs like to “perch”. heehee.

  • oh so cute! i just love the pillows you made for your pup’s favorite sleeping spot. 🙂

  • Just beautiful! I love a crunchy cozy sofa with lots of pretty pillows!

  • So pretty! And it looks so great with the other pillows!

  • All of your pillows are breathtaking!!! And the photos brilliant.

  • Beautiful pillow and little Lilli is the cutest!

  • Is this the Joseph’s Coat from “Don’t look now”? I got a roll of the stitch’nwash fusible. Is that what you used? The pillow looks great!

  • I have a Lillie unde rmy desk in his bed, only his name is Paulie. (Pronounced in a strong NY accent) who just a a short bath in the sink.

  • Oh, it’s SO pretty – especially with your other couch pillows. What a fresh, springy look you have.

  • cute only begins to describe how it looks… I LOVE them all together! 🙂

  • I have a nicey Jane/ta dot cathedral window pillow and think I need a couple of pillows like yours to match. I love the pillows!

  • Your pillow is lovely and fits right in with the rest! Your puppy is so cute!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • Your pillow…all the pillows are just beautiful. Lilli is just adorable! That stash, I would like to grab & run with….LOL Awesome fabrics.

  • Your work is simply beautiful. (Cute little furry accessory too!)

  • So pretty! I love this pattern, but I’ve never taken it on.

    (And Lily looks like she’s found a good spot — I’d nap surrounded by pillows too!)

  • Very cute pillow! I love the fabrics you’ve chosen for it.

  • Those pillows are beautiful!

  • I love your pillows – those fabrics are just perfect. blessings, marlene

  • Wow! I’m discovering your blog right now and am amazed of what I jsut saw. Those pillows are simply gorgeous!!!!

  • Such a happy spring pillow! This Joseph’s Coat pattern is on my to-do list; I hope mine turns out as cheerful and bright as yours 🙂

  • OMG I love the colours, it’s so fresh and lovely!

  • Love your pillows…so fresh and spring-y looking! The Joseph’s coat pattern is one of my favorites…so glad to see someone making it. It’s on my to do list for handpiecing. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Love you blog, too.

  • I love your pillows, all of them. Josephs coat is so pretty.

  • Big Congratulations on your Win! It’s obvious why. I’m newer at quilting and never paid attention to Joseph’s Coat; Love your pillow. Your pillow collection is like a fresh spring garden complete w/ a sweet, furry little nestled admirer.

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