Saturday Snippets

My Single Girl quilt had taken a decidedly different direction.  After cutting the first 3 pieces of my rainbow version I talked about earlier, I decided that was just not what I was going for.  I kept coming back to a different color story.  So, I went with it.  I pulled the greens/pinks/purples/aquas/taupes from the original stack and added a few more variations of the same colors & I’m kind of digging it.  I have not quite half of the pieces cut out–man is that a time consuming process!  I am having Chloe put the colors in any order she likes with instructions to not put all of the pink and purples together.  So far so good. =)  Now, if my back will just allow me to hunch over on the floor and do some more cutting I will be good to go. =)

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  • I’m sure that will just be beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful plan you have.
    I’m still working on cutting out the pieces, too…. almost half way there!

  • I just watched a video about modern quilts with Rossie and suddenly have a new appreciation for solids. Must experiment …

  • I’m hoping to get all the pieces cut out for mine today, but I’m only making a baby quilt, so it shouldn’t be THAT challenging…

  • I’m making my templates today and hopefully will start cutting because I want to work on it uninterrupted next week at a quilting retreat!

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