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Yes, it’s true, I have joined the Single Girl Support Group.  Now, before you get to worried about the fate of my lovely husband, Ryan, let me clarify. =)  It is a group led by Katy, Megan & Nova all about helping and guiding members to make Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl Quilt.

I have had this pattern wallowing in my sewing cabinet for going on a year now, so I figured this was a great opportunity to bang out this project.  I knew when I purchased the pattern that I wanted to make this quilt using solids.  The above stack is the result of perusing my Kona, Bella, & Free Spirit Color Cards (yes, there has been an addition to my color card stash thanks to the lovely ladies at my LQS =)

The group just kicked off with the first set of instructions yesterday so if you are interested in joining in you can pop over to any of the blogs mentioned above or to the flickr group

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  • What an awesome photo. Suddenly I feel the need to obtain more fabric LOL

  • such a beautiful stack of fabric. I could totally do this quilt in solids. Ack. I keep changing my mind. First I was going to combine FMF and KJR, and then this afternoon I was thinking Christmas fabric. And then I saw this post. What’s a girl supposed to do???

  • OOoohhh, solids?! What layout are you thinking about? Background? Very intrigued!

  • Oh I’m interested in your backing as well. Oh I never thought of solids. This is why I do quilt-along’s.

  • I’m on my way with Single Girl and loving your solids plan. Can’t wait to see more.

  • So glad you’re in!!! That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

  • Oh heaven, Solids was my second choice! I cannot wait to see yours.!

  • Ooh, I’ll be interested to se whether you do the rings randomly or as colour wheels… I’ve got to go and pick up two more prints from my LQS this morning, then I’m making a start on the cutting – it seems so much less intimidating with 200 other people to offer advice and support!

  • Nice colours! I too am doing the Single Girl quilt! I have chosen Lecien Flower Sugars line with a few co-ordinates from Tanya Whelan, not yet decided on the background colour I’m still consulting my Kona Colourcard!!!

  • Good thing you gave me something pretty to look at today since I am chomping at the bit to see what you are going to share tomorrow. Are you going to use that Farmdale print on the back of this one? Or will there be another rainbow quilt in the future? I love the choice to make this one using solids. What a good idea.

  • I’ve joined as well. I’m looking forward to it, and have started cutting into my Innocent Crush stash. I think your sold version will be awesome!

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