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April is my month in the VIBees–I have been busy assembling fun little packages of fabrics to be mailed out to my bee members.  Each bee member will be making and sending back a Dresden plate block like this one:

Dresden Plate

You can see my original post about these blocks here.  I cannot wait to see all of these fun blocks all together!


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  • Cannot wait to see them all – I love the polka dots – gorgeous!

  • Gorgeous! Can’t wait.

  • What great colors. It’s going to be beautiful!

  • I am so excited!! These colors are so fun!!

  • Beautiful!! Wish I was part of that one, it looks fun!

  • Adorable!!!
    But I don’t get it??? You cut your fabric and send it to the other people in the group to sew? OH, THAT’S WHAT ALL THOSE BLOCK BEES ARE ABOUT!!! I keep seeing that around the quilting blogs I frequent but didn’t understand all this accumulation of blocks that magically seemed to match one another!

  • wow, you are so sweet to have the fabric all ready and cut up for us! It looks adorable. You’re ahead of me…my month is April in one of my other bees and I really need to get to work on that fabric! lol

  • GEE! These are so sweet together!
    I love these particular color choices that you made!
    I’m thinking I might have to quilt something similar-Thanks so for sharing your ideas! Happy Quilting!

  • Love the idea! Colors are great!

  • Can’t wait to get these! I ♥ all that Heather Bailey in there!

  • What a wonderful bright cheerful quilt. I love it! Great job!!!

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