Chloe Pillow Finished

Chloe’s pillow has been finished and is settling into it’s new spot nicely.  Isn’t it interesting how well the colors that Chloe chose are ones that work perfectly with my other pillows?  You can read about my inspiration from Chloe’s watercolor here if you missed it.  Of course, Chloe thinks that the pillow needs to reside in her bedroom.  She was trying to make a deal with me tonight that it could stay in her room and she promised not to use it when her hair was wet at bedtime.  Of course I relented….I do a lot of relenting as a mom. =)

For the backing I went with a little bit of Summer in the City fabric that I thought worked perfectly with it.

And I had Chloe sign the back of the pillow using a permanent fabric marker.  She asked me if she could add a smiley face after her name….didn’t even have to contemplate relenting on that one. =)

The pillow is a cute little guy–finishing out at about 12″ square.  And, I have made it just in the nick of time to enter it into the Blogger’s Pillow Party going on over at Rachel’s blog.  Tonight is the cut-off date. =)

Blogger's Pillow Party

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  • What a fun finish for Chloe!

  • All your pillows are so pretty and it is so nice of you to let Chloe have her pillow.

  • plain white fabrice NEVER looked so good…it’s amazing how well the bright prints “dance” with the white!


  • love love love !
    have a nice day

  • It’s lovely. Such a gorgeous collection of pillows, I wish my couch looked like that!

    • They all look so pretty together! Love the dots!

  • Just found your blog and I love it. Your cushion is beautiful…so fresh – perfect colours. I’m a sucker for dots so this cushion makes my heart skip!

  • what a cute and fun little pillow. i love the circles!

  • Gorgeous pillows and very pretty fabrics!

  • Everyone of those pillows is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of those dots. You did such a great job.

  • Turned out great! I’m amused at how well it matches those other pillows, although I guess it didn’t have much time to hang out there before heading to Chloe’s room.

  • I just love all your pillows especially Chloe’s… you are so very creative… thank you for the enjoyment..

  • these pillows are sooo wonderful ! love them all. Congrats

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