Chloe, my 5 year old, got some new art supplies this week–that girl loves herself a good project.  I think she was probably 2 or so when she started with her first projects.  She will sit for hours doing anything artsy/projecty.  She went through a serious “melty beads” (are you familiar with those-those little beads that you iron and they all melt together) phase–I bet I ironed over a hundred of those crazy things.  I think I vaccuum up at least one or two of those crazy little beads every time I vaccuum! =)  Those and lite brights will be the death of me… =)  Chloe has been asking for more paints recently so when I saw a fun little set at a local kids consignment sale I snatched them up.

Chloe's Water Color for me

I was really kind of digging Chloe’s artwork and decided to make a little pillow based off of it.  I’ve always thought it was kind of a stellar idea to use your kiddos artwork as crafty inspiration.  I chose the fabrics for the circles based on her color choices and kept them pretty consistent with her circle placement.  The circles are raw edge appliqued to the pillow top and then I stippled over the whole thing.

Won’t it be neat when it’s finished?  Chloe thought it was pretty cool when she saw the pillow top beside her painting.  I think she’ll be pretty tickled when the whole thing is finished. =)


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  • how gorgeous!

  • This is one of the coolest things. How inspiring. Chloe is definitely an artist. I have something similar from when my son was about the same age (hanging on the wall in my sewing room)–I might turn it into a pillow!

  • That’s WONDERFUL! All kinds of wonderful! I adore my niece & nephew’s art projects but I never thought of using one as inspiration. The two pieces are keepers for sure!

  • What a great idea! Looks fantastic! 🙂

  • It’s a great idea to bring paper art into a sewing form. My daughter has loved to draw since she was little, now 11. This past Christmas she wanted a Christmas stocking for our dog (and most of her current drawings are of our dog, Honey). So I enlarged one of her drawings and used it as a pattern make a stocking with Honey right on it. My daughter loved it!

  • What a sweet idea! I’m guessing your dd will LOVE the pillow and feel very honored to have her work “copied” in such a way! Way to go Mom!

  • So cute! I need to try this idea. 🙂

  • Her picture is so cute and I love your pillow. That is so neat that you were able to design something based off your daughter’s art talent.

  • I love this, Corey! such a sweet idea.

  • What a wonderful idea! I love your daughter’s painting and the pillow you’ve created. What a lucky little girl to have her mom take inspiration from her artwork!

  • oh my goodness – that is SO, SO cool. I love it already!

  • Love the bright colors. Very creative little girl!!

  • I love it! Sometimes the simplest designs can be so fun and cheery!

  • Such a treasure… her art to you and your artwork pillow for her! Samelia’s Mom (do you read her blog?) just featured a pillow with her son’s robot drawing transferred and then embroidered onto it… you two great minds are totally thinking alike!!!

  • Beware the “melty beads”… when my daughter was about 4 or 5 she stuck one up her nose that required a trip to the ER… other than that, they do provide hours of FUN entertainment. Cute idea to use your daughter’s artwork for a pillow! May have to try that with my grandkids now that our kids are grown.

  • You are so smart and patient to encourage her talent! It’s beautiful.

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