Strawberry Fields Sneak Peek

I thought I’d share a couple teensy Strawberry Fields sneak peeks now that the hand quilting is finished.  My mom and I hand quilted this using some of the oh so fab perle cotton I talked about yesterday.  I’ll admit my sneak peeks do have a bit more of Elonie in them and a bit less of quilt in them but…I’ll guess you’ll have that sometimes. =)  You see,  Elonie loves sitting on quilts–whether they are in progress, finished, or just blocks laying on the floor.  This quilt was no exception. =) 

She was very carefully checking out all of the stitches on the quilt. =)

I don’t know if this last picture can rightfully be called a sneak peek, although you can, just barely, make out some of the backing fabric there in the background.  I thought it was a cute picture though–she was trying to see if she could find any birdies outside. =0)  I thought it was a cute. =o)

I’ll be working on the binding for this quilt today and tommorrow and should have it all finished up soon.

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  • She must have some cat in her. ;D Seems I can’t work on any stage of a quilt without a cat on it. Adorable pics. 🙂

  • I love how her shirt matches the quilt! Did you plan that?
    And I agree with the comment above… just yesterday my cat wiped out part of a quilt I had all perfectly laid out. Just part of the fun, I guess!

  • She is adorable. Anxious to see the whole quilt!

  • She looks lovely – like she is trying to decide if this quilt gets the blue ribbon or not.

  • lol…I was just trying to take some pictures today and I ended up with more of my daughter in them than the quilt. I thought I was making the quilt for me, but I guess I’m making it for her. 😉

  • What’s up with all the secrets and sneak peaks lately. Are you turning into one of those top secret agents who plays with fabric before it is released and can’t show your projects because they are going to be published somewhere soon. Hah! I love it and good for you taking this little quilty world by storm. I don’t think you have ever made anything I didn’t love so I’m glad you blog and share your pictures. Endless hours of inspiration.

  • The quilt looks perfectly gorgeous, not nearly as gorgeous as Elonie though! Your photos are superb, but I am sure she is much more lovely in person! It must be fab for her having a mum like you so she can have so many quilts to play with.

  • With quilt sitting habits like that, anyone would think Elonie was a cat 😉

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