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So, I’ve been a bit busy lately working on various projects that I wish I could share but I can’t quite yet.  So instead, I will share some pictures of the result of my “busy-ness”.  Fabrics are piling up everywhere as you can see above not to mention the laundry–I’ll spare you those pictures. =)

Make-shift forts have been erected to keep the kidders busy while I am sewing.

Not to mention make-shift slides to allow easy access from the ottoman to the fort front door.  Old playhouses have been stacked to create townhouses.

That is a card table play house on the bottom which my mom and I made for Chloe’s birthday a couple years back & one of Elonie’s playhouses stacked on top.  You can just make out my quilt ladder in the back left corner of the picture–for easy maneuvering onto the end of the couch.

My girlies have been having quite a bit of fun!  Now, if I can just get these projects out of the way and onto other things. =)

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  • I’m so excited for you to unveil your big projects! Good luck getting stuff done and making the most out of the kids’ distracted time!

  • Not sure who’s having the most fun you or the kids!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  • Looks like a fun day of sewing knowing the kids are happily playing!

  • Forts are so much fun! Making a townhouse is really very clever!

  • We gave our 3-year-old grandson all the Tonka toys that we had given to his daddy when HE turned 3, and had saved all these years. They were in two big boxes. Which he and his 4-year-old sister had mommy and daddy tape together and turn into a “house.” A few days later windows had to be cut, and when I babysat we got out the markers and decorated the outside with grass and flowers, rainbow, stars. SO fun!

  • How fun it must be to live at your house! I remember making ‘tents’ from blankets on the clothesline when I was little. Some of my favorite summertime memories.

  • we can sew count on you for smiles…wish I was a kid again to play with you all… love the card table tent…way cool…

  • What a fun little peak into your home!

  • And what pretty quilts were used in the building of the fort. The architect should be very proud.

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