The Perfect Backing

The perfect backing

How much do you love finding the perfect quilt backing?!?  For me I have a love hate relationship with backing–I love pieced backing but I dislike the process of making them.  Once I get that quilt top done, I just want to be done!  This quilt was easy…I knew I wanted the whole thing to be made using the Tiles fabric from Patty Young’s Sanctuary line of fabric.  Easy Peasy and so perfect! =)

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  • Why that is a perfect backing! I love the little tiles of beautiful color. I know just exactly what you mean about piecing a back. I think it’s because I have a plan for the quilt top and then the back is a hodgepodge of leftovers I try to fit together with no pre-determined pattern. Tires my brain out when I just want to finish!

  • and so pretty too! ♥

  • Absolutely perfect!

  • Beautiful choice!

  • I agree, it is the perfect backing.
    I’m not a great fan of making the backing, I love pieced backings too, but by the time I need to make the backing my mind is already on my next quilt, so I just want to rush it and finish and move on.

  • Great choice.

  • Oh, this is gorgeous. The backing is, indeed, perfect with those beautiful colors in the top! The quilting is stunning as well!

  • Love the colors! I have admired that fabric but always get scared away by the squares!

  • It`s really perfect!!

  • I love it when a plan come together like that!

  • Oooh, it looks great! It feels great to discover the perfect match and then just buy it!

  • I agree, that is the perfect backing. Especially since i am loving anything green and blue these days. My dilemna with backing…should it match and how much or just how random can it be???

  • Wowsers, that is amazing the perfect backing!
    Great work!
    I love the green lady bugs too. I’m trying to not be too envious! 😉

  • What a great backing – I’d be scared I wouldn’t get the front and back lined up correctly and the squares would run off but it goes so perfectly with the front that I’d probably overcome that fear!

  • That backing is perfect!!! And I LOVE the front…..wondering how hard it was to do? I am enoying your blog now that I found it and some of your great scrapbuster tutorials…
    Peggy in NJ USA

  • I’m with you – I love the look of pieced backings, but unwilling to make that extra step myself. For me, I love wide backings, and am always on the lookout for creative ones. Love this fabric!

  • The backing is perfect and I can’t wait to see it all!
    Great job..as always.

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