Another Winner!

Sew Cherry 1/2 yd. Bundle--Photo Courtesy of Kerri

The winner of the wonderful Sew Cherry bundle, ribbon, & crocheted flower/cherries courtesy of Kerri is:

Comment #546

Congrats Robin!–I’ve sent you an email. =)

You still have time to enter the Hawthorne Threads Giveaway, Pinks & Needles/A Little Sweetness Giveaway, and my Pillow giveaway. =) 

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  • Yay for Robin, I’ll bet she’s bee thrilled to pieces!

  • Congratulations to Robin!! Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!!

  • Yes, Robin is thrilled to pieces! 🙂

  • HUGE congratulations to you Robin. I can see you’ll be stalking your mailbox for a few days waiting for that to arrive. Have fun with your gorgeous fabrics.

  • This pillow one is HARD! I love birds and mommie birds with nests and your colorful flowers with thingie stitches on the edge of the applique. and the whatchamcallit edges on the pillow shown. I like pink and i like more pink and i like aqua, but i like green leaves and trees. Let’s see, maybe a birds nest in a cherry tree, that would be cool. I do like the white background or white on white, or white on cream or cream on cream or – see what i mean, this is HARD. I surely like spring and summer better than autumn colors. and lace is cool, real, faux, sorta, but probably not ruffled, just inset. Need anymore detail? Remember i have twin girl grands so gotta have two baby birds (and a little brother). I hope you can stay out of hospital and doctor’s office for awhile : – )

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