Flea Market Fancy Quilt–Full Reveal

Flea Market Fancy & Katie Jump Rope Quilt

I’ve shared peeks of this quilt previously but this is the first time you are seeing it in its entirety.  Of course you all recognize this quilt as the quilt I had intended to donate to Japan Project modern–however, with that project no longer taking place this quilt is currently residing in my family room until I decide where it will end up. =)

Hand Quilting Detail

This quilt is made up of a combo of Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope fabrics which I think work so well together.  My mom and I did the hand quilting on this quilt using Finca Perle Cotton size 8 in Dark Brown.  The quilt pattern is a slightly revised version of this free pattern.  I preferred the framed squares as opposed to the solid squares and I also made the quilt a bit smaller than the pattern called for.

Back Detail

For the back of the quilt, I opted to use a solid white.  This isn’t something I normally do but I wanted to show off the hand quilting pattern–I think it looks pretty neat (you’ll have to ignore the wrinkles).  For a parade of more great quilts be sure to stop by Amy’s Creative Side and browse around a bit.

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  • Oh I love the white with all the colorful squares. Great job!

  • Oohhh, I love this quilt even more after seeing the finished product!!! I’ve adored this quilt since you posted the first sneak peek 🙂 If you reeeeeaally can’t think of a place for it – I have a lovely and lonely corner of my couch that it could call home 😉

  • I agree with Rebecca. I will gladly take it off your hands! It’s beautiful!

  • This is beautiful, and as you know, the quilting inspiration for my Popbeads quilt, as soon as I can get it basted (man, I HATE that part…)

  • Very pretty, I like your idea of the solid back to show your quilting. Was it hard to use the Perle cotton to quilt? I’ve seen lots of it lately and wondered.

  • The quilt is beautiful!!! The hand quilting is the perfect accent and your stitches are so very nice and uniform. Gorgeous!!!

  • So pretty – the handstitching really makes it shine!

  • O i Love it!! The squares are so happy!

  • As a hand quilter myself, I love your stitches. The colors of the quilt are so fun, too. If this quilt needs a home, it could come to my home and be really appreciated ; ) My son’s even point out hand quilted quilts at shows.

  • It’s such a lovely quilt, Corey! And you were smart to keep the back a solid. The stitches are awesome.

  • Great quilt… much better than the pattern! I love it! So, did you make the DS fabric 1 1/2″ strips and the center 3 1/2″??? Your mom did a great job on the quilting… so sweet!

  • this quilt would be very comfortable at my house if it needs a home! LOL!

  • I like your version better also. There is no need for such a lovely quilt to be homeless. I would be happy to adopt and give it a good home.

  • Your quilt is really pretty. I love how the stitches show up on the back of the quilt. I think you should keep this quilt. I also think it will make you happy whenever you see it.

  • Love how this quilt turned out. I think your variation is much prettier than the pattern.

  • Beautiful!

  • thank you for sharing this pattern, I think your version looks much better.

  • Hi, your quilt is fab. I love the colours, it is very striking 🙂

  • Stunning and I love the white back, so fresh and bright!

  • Fabulous twist on the original pattern! I hope you are going to keep it and use it!

  • What a great job you’ve done on that. Oh and if you just can’t find a spot to send it I’d hate to see you struggle over any decision for too long so I’d be more than willing to help you out. 🙂 I’m more than happy to send my address anytime you’d like. lol

  • I love this quilt!! It is fresh and bright and you did a wonderful job hand quilting!! I like your version much more too!

  • Beautiful quilt! I love the simplicity of the contrasting quilting stitches that you and your mom do, gives it such a homey feeling…great work!

  • I totally love this quilt! I saw it last week on pinterest and have already started a mini version of it for the wall in my quilting room! (It won’t be half as cute as yours I am sure) Yours is So SO cute! Awesome idea!

  • The handquilting is so intricately awesome!! IN love with this one!

  • I’m in love! The hand quilting is perfect! I know it was a bummer that the Japan fundraiser fell through, but I’m glad this will able to stay with you.

  • Corey you can totally send it to me if you’re looking for a place for it to live. I am in love. What an amazingly beautiful quilt. As always, I am in awe of your gorgeous work,

  • What a nice idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  • wow! this is great. it’s so different from what i have seen previously using fmf. great work!

  • This has got to be one of the cutest quilts ever! I don’t quilt but this could get me into it for sure!

  • Really pretty!

  • This quilt makes me want to set up my machine right now! I love this patten. It’s a great job, and the quilting is perfect:)

  • Love the quilt and I looked at the inspiration and I like your version so much more.

  • I really like the solid white backing to show off the quilt pattern. Your quilt is beautiful and that your mom helped you hand quilt it is extra special. Lovely work as always.

  • I love the quilt! It is beautiful.

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