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VIBees Blocks

I have received almost all of my Dresden Plate blocks back from the gals in the VIBees.  This one is going to be a lot of fun to put together–no sashing, big blocks–it’s gonna whip right up.  Just waiting on the last couple blocks to arrive, but for now I am enjoying the riot of color they provide to my coffee table—until the girls decide they need the coffee table for some kind of jumping contest.  Why is it that coffee tables, couches, chairs can provide these girls with hours (I kid you not) of gymnastics fun like no toy they have ever been bought? =)…crazy girls. =)

I also finished up my June Ringo Pie Block.

Ringo Pie Block--Letha's Electric Fan

The block is called Letha’s Electric Fan & I thought it was pretty fitting for Marit’s Summertime theme.  If you decide to try this block sometime yourself, (I tracked the pattern down in this book) I would definitely recommend cutting the outside white pieces slightly larger than needed and then trim the block down.  The pattern in the book suggests doing it this way, which I did not do, and it would have made the block a bit easier to work with.

Summer Scrapbuster

On another note, I’ve got a question for you…if I were to host a quilt along…not sayin’ that I am…it’s still a definite “if”.  So, anyhoo, would you all prefer a Summer scrapbuster quilt( or Fall or whatever) like above–a little bit of piecing, a little bit of applique.  Or would you prefer a “Rainbow Brights & Whites” mini sampler quilt along–this would focus on small different individual blocks and precise piecing with the blocks finishing out at 6″ or so.  I’ve wanted to make a mini sampler for awhile now but I’m curious as to what the general consensus is.  Or, are you all “quilt alonged” out–seems like there are quite a few going on at any given time…..what do you think?

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  • I love the pie/fan block. I don’t think I’ve seen one like it before.

  • The Summer Scrapbuster looks great, but I also like the idea mini sampler…decisions decisions!

  • Oh!! I *have* to make some of those electric fan blocks! Those are really neat, and I’ve never seen any like that.

    Your scrapbuster is a very cool one that I would join IF I were not already slammed with 8 BOMs and 36 remaining UFOs. I think it’s going to be January before I’ll be able to join in on social projects. (And I can’t wait until I can!)

  • Oh, I’m totally in LOVE! I have a group of fabrics in these beautiful colors that are just waiting to become something. I love these Dresdens on the red dots!! Can hardly wait to see this one completed!

  • Mini sampler would really interest me. I just took my first paper piecing class and I’m hooked.

  • The Dresden Plates on the red dot fabric is sew cute! I’m looking forward to the finished quilt. If I had time, (which I don’t) I’d pick the Summer Scrap buster quilt. I’m taking a break from working on a block exchange that is due in July (I signed up for 2 sets), then I have another block exchange due in September.

  • I love your electric fan block! There have been a lot of quilt alongs lately and at couple sampler style ones coming up or ongoing. I wonder if you wanted to make that lovely quilt as a qal in the fall but make sure everyone knows it is coming up so they don’t join too many other things? I would give it a try in the fall.

  • I never fail to be inspired and awed by the projects you find….. I am just catching up on little birdies…. not sure Iwould get into another stitchalong but then…. I have never done a mini quilt so I may get tempted….

  • I am all in for any quilt along! I am only doing the birdie stitches and one other monthly quilt…so I ready to find another quilt along to join!!!!

    my vote would be for the summer scrappy quilt first choice but only because I am going to need to get a couple of larger scrap boxes for some of my colors or do some scrap quilts! I like more quilts! :o)

    but I am in for the mini quilt too!!!

  • question- on the fan block, is the center circle appliqued?

    gorgeous work, btw!

  • Love your plan, but I too am swamped..keeping up with Birdie Stitches ‘cuz I love it ! Maybe in the fall?

  • sorry again I’m late… but those blocks are gorgeous! 🙂 Love the fan too.

  • Love the electric fan and also love the dresden done with the two sizes of dots……very eye catching. As for making a scrap quilt, I would have to vote for a mini in the Fall. Way too much going on right now. And as one lady said, perhaps some warning would be helpful. I am happily into the Birdie stitches right now….they are sooooooooo adorable…:)

  • Wow to the electric fan! You’ve done an amazing job. If you do decide to have a quilt along I would love to take part. I like the sound of the mini sampler- it seems more like skill building which is what I’m keen on right now. 🙂

  • I like the idea of the mini sampler. Smaller seems more doable right now. But whenever you do it, count me in.

  • Looks like I’m outnumbered – I was going to vote for the summer scrapbuster!

  • I would love a summer scrap buster with a little applique. But I would probably follow along with a mini sampler to build skills. I love your work and following your blog. Please, please do a quilt along.

  • Mini all the way!! I would love to work on precise piecing, not so much the applique 🙂 I would love to participate in a quilt-along of yours!

  • I would like the scrap buster with applique. But I follow along with anything you decide.

  • I like the idea of a mini sampler..It would give me a chance to practice small blocks, so I can get back to work on my dear jane quilt.

  • Not say that I will be joining in, but I think I’d be more likely to join in a mini sampler quilt than a big one.

  • I adore your Birdie Stitches. I just got caught up with it last week. Now I eagerly await the next one. I think I would love to do a mini sampler, but whatever you want to do is fine by me.

  • I’m for the Scrap buster- anytime 🙂 Minis are fun, but I love my big cozy quilts :)!!

    And the dresdens are WONDERFUL!! I so have to get brave enough to make one- they are my favorites! The dots and colors are just heavenly- can hardly wait to see it all done!

  • Love your fan block! Very cool. I love both of your QAL ideas! I think I’d make time for either one, but the summer scrap buster appeals the most.

  • I like the idea of both!

  • I forgot to give you my vote for the mini sampler quilt along, since I’m loving mini quilts right now! The scrap buster would also be fun, I love any quilt that uses up scraps, but mini is my first choice 🙂

  • I like the white background, bright strips and gray pattern. That would be a great quilt along!

  • I sooo love your BLOG….. Mini for me.. that way I don’t need to buy anything…!

  • I would love a scrapbuster QAL — not that I should start any more, but I have so many scraps to use up.

  • I love the look of the Summer Stashbuster. I could see that pattern being very versitile. I would love for you to do another QAL, I love your Birdie one and I am always waiting for the first to come around for another block.

  • Something smaller scale and pieced that would use some of the stash would suit me best! Love your happy quilts.

  • i would go for the summer stashbuster quilt a-long. i love your birdie stitcheries! thanks so much

  • Summer scrapbuster would get my vote also.

  • Would love a summer scrap buster project.

  • Love the electric fan block, never seen that one before. If I had time and was caught up (does that happen?!) I would go for the summer scrap buster. Also, I am enjoying the birdie blocks, thanks for sharing.

  • I vote for a scrapbuster for sure! More towards fall though. I love the mock-up you showed. Definitely has me intrigued.=)

  • I would love to participate in another quiltalong…..CANNOT get enough of them at the moment. My first vote would be for the summer scrapbuster as I am more into the bigger stuff at the moment BUT I wouldn’t be able to pass up the mini ….hoping you’ll decide to do both :)!!! summer scrapbuster and fall mini ????……or vice versa ….:)

  • I really really really REALLY love the combo of little & big dots for the dresdan. Never would have dared it myself, but now that I’ve seen it done … Thanks!

  • I always love the idea of a quiltalong – and my vote would be for the mini sampler. I’ve always wanted to do a mini – those small blocks always look so fabulous!

  • Ooh! I want to QAL with you!

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