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Almost First Grader Chloe

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So my blog is returning to regular programming from all the giveaway frenzy…it was fun though right?!? =)  I’ve had a very busy last couple of days–see, my daughter Chloe’s birthday is May 20(she’s now a big old 6 year old) just 6 days after mine so we’ve had parties out the wazoo.  Chloe has her last day of Kindergarten today–I snapped that picture of her up there this morning–her last Kindy picture. =(  It makes me a little bit sad–I told Ryan last night that Chloe’s first year of birth could have gone quite a bit faster(you’ll remember our first year with her was a bit rough to put it lightly) but now it could slow down a bit.

My little 2 year old Chloe

I did manage to accomplish a few quilty things in between the partying…I finished up a couple bee blocks…green/gray for do. Good Stitches:

do. Good Stitches

And some petals for Tracey for the VIBees:

This block turned out a lot different than I had originally planned.  But, I thought it was cute–you know what’s nifty…each flower is made using just two pieces.

So what have you been working on?

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  • i will say that childhood does whisk by too fast! two of my girlies are already on their own and my son has one more year with us. i will say, however, that i LOVE my relationships with my older kids. it is kind of nice to be out of the teacher role, and more in a friend role. although i do revert to teacher occasionally. 🙂

  • I love your do good stitches blocks!

  • Your girls are beautiful!!

  • I love the flower block. Is there a pattern?

  • lovely blocks! & a beautiful 6 year old too. It does go fast, doesn’t it? My youngest is almost 15, sigh. Have not been sewing much because dd1 is home & camping out in my sewing room for a couple of weeks. I did make a few pillowcases for graduation gifts… you can see them on my blog, http://www.ellynsplace.blogspot.com

  • Chloe is adorable! (But you already know that…). Great bee blocks! Grey is amazing in combination with nearly everything, isn’t it? So fabulous with the green.

  • Love the Neptune quarters and your daughter is adorable. Happy belated B’Day to you both!

  • Awww…your girls are gorgeous! My oldest will be six this summer and I can hardly believe it. I love the gray and yellow bee blocks.

  • I love the way the flowers are put together.

    Beautiful Chloe pictures!!!

  • I’m right there with you sister! Way too fast, Weston’s last day of preschool was today. 🙁 Lovely blocks, as always!

  • Beautiful little Chloe…. I have a Chloe too but she has to live with her mum…. (my daughter!)…
    Lovely blocks… the green and greys look stunning together…. I did want to thank you for the little birdie stitches…. I have only recently started them and loving doing them…. thanks…. thanks…

  • What a beautiful little girl but you know that already :o) And I love those blocks. I have only stumbelled accross your blog a few days ago and am loving it :o) Your Birdie stiches is a must do as soon as I work out what fabric I am doing it in. Off to explore some more. Tanks :o)

  • Congratulations, Chloe (and mama). Our daughters are in the same class. I’m very excited about first grade, since I’m teaching. Kind of nervous about getting everything done, but excited! Goodness, your daughter has some fabulous hair!

  • I love your site… I am a fan of all your blocks and your BOM program. We are offering your BOM at our quilt shop with your pattern being FREE of course because it is on your blog and we are totally rewarding YOU for all YOUR hard work! Thanks for the FREE BOM!

  • how adorable is she! 🙂

    And I love love my block… thank you Corey! Yours is on the way too (sorry it’s late!)

  • Your Chloe is a little doll, and you’re right, time travels way too quickly! She must be a source of inspiration every single day….I just love pics w/ missing teeth 🙂

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