A Painting Project

The girls and I have completed another fun summer project.  I don’t remember where I first saw this nifty project but I knew it was one we just had to do.

We started off by painting our canvases–purchased pretty cheaply from Joann’s.   Chloe got annoyed because I started snapping pictures before I got their paint ready to go.

Annoyed Chloe

 We used one small bottle of acrylic paint–we probably could have used just a dab more.

Painting away
Elonie Painting

 It only took about 20 minutes or so to paint the canvases.  We chose a pretty windy day so we had to chase after things every now and then…oh, and pick off some grass bits from the canvases.

Elonie was very proud of the little pink dab of paint she put on her nose.  You can just make it out in this picture. =)
Elonie the pink nosed girlie


Painting, Painting

I should probably mention, that I falsely assumed that since this paint was water based, that I would have no problem washing it off the driveway even after it had dried.  I was wrong.

Our newly autographed driveaway

I didn’t take any pictures of the next step.  We water colored heavy sketch paper and then using a butterfly punch after the watercolors had dried, punched out a myriad of butterflies.  I picked up the stamp from Joann’s–those 40% coupons sure do come in handy! =)  We then glued the butterflies onto the canvas and…voila…instant art.

Butterfly Art

We really have been having a great time this summer! =)

On another note, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments about my post on Randi’s blog! =)  I am working on a more thorough Q&A to answer some of the questions that I received about applique.  If you have any questions about applique, shoot me a message or leave it in the comments and I’ll try to cover it. =)

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  • What a wonderful activity. 😀 You got some great candid shots of your girls to treasure, and the christened driveway is awesome. Good for plenty of smiles in the days to come.

  • Your daughters are adorable! That’s a great idea for a project, I may try it with my nieces

  • Cool art project! And the little artists are so adorable!

  • what a great project to make with the girls. My little one would love this project too. Must keep it in mind for a rainy day.

  • very cute! this is a fun summertime project!

  • Beautiful piece of artwork. It will look wonderful with the big girl quilt.

  • I love the photos you got of the girls. Even the pouty one. and the pink nose. What a fantastic project! The butterflies look like theyre ready to flit away.

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